Wednesday, July 2, 2014

30 June 2014

This week has been interesting.

I've decided I thought I was maturing.
But it's not really happening.
Someone took us to Outback for dinner.
And we sat with just 4 people in one of
their really big booths.
And I had a long skirt on,
so I sat indian style.
And I ate chicken tenders and fries.
Some things never do change, do they?
I'll be a child forever!

We had an awesome lesson with Chris.
But when we walked in we saw a sign
that said, "Happy 30th Birthday!"
We asked if it was for him.
And it was...
So we had to give him the YSA sisters.
Because he still has another year to
go to the YSA ward.
And he was super excited about it.
He was so accepting of the gospel.
It was hard to let him go,
but we know it will be good for him.

We went tracting this week!
Sister Isert and I hit the pavement hard.
Lots of sweat into that one.
Mainly because even at night it barely
gets below 100 degrees.
It used to at 8 at night,
but not anymore.
I'm going to be sizzling like bacon soon!

We live with a Sister named Sister Entin.
She is allergic to cats.
But she went to this house and played with a cat.
And had an allergic reaction.
It was one of the funniest things ever.
Before I came on my mission there was a video
on youtube that was super popular called
Ain't nobody got time for that.
So I recorded her saying that.
It was one of the funniest things ever.
But rest assured she is perfectly fine
and back to normal. 

I gave a talk at church on Sunday!
It was only my 3rd on my mission.
I was very blessed to only give 3.
I know missionaries who have to give a ton.
I hate speaking in public.
So it was a major blessing to me.
It was probably the best of the 3 I've given.
Because I only had 7 minutes when I got up!
I was so worried to be the closing speaker.
But everyone else took up so much time.
Major major blessing.

How is yall's missionary work going?
If you haven't gotten a chance to read
the June Ensign you should read the talk
"That We May Rejoice Together."
It is super good.
I used part of it in my talk as well.
And Elder Ballard's "Following Up"
talk from last conference.
We have some great counsel on our hands!
I have never loved the Ensign so much!

I hope yall have a fantastic week!
Only 5 more weeks until I grace
you with my presence:)

Sister Hubmann

1. I eat corn out of a bowl now, just like old times!
2. And I eat popcorn while I email.
I guess I haven't really changed in
the temporal department.

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