Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey Family!
So I may have gotten to find out
my transfer news a little early this time around.
I am getting transferred down to the valley!
It's going to be so weird to leave Taylor.
I am going down to the Scottsdale Zone.
I will still be a STL for the sisters there.
At the last meeting with the Zone leaders
I think they said there were 18 sisters down there.
I won't be over all of them. But probably 6 of them.
It's so weird to know before Saturday!
Not to say I can complain about it.
I always can't focus come Saturday,
so this was probably a really good thing for me.

This past week was great!
Christmas Eve was a blast!
We went and visited the Williams family.
They are awesome.
And there they stocked me up on
enough queso to last me a lifetime.
So you know that I have to love them,
because I love queso.
Then we stopped by the Larson/Renchers.
They have a stand where they hand out
hot chocolate and candy canes a few days before Christmas.
It was really fun as well.
Then we headed to the Willis'.
Oh the Willis'.
I've got to say that they are some of my
favorite people in the 
Saying goodbye to them is going to be
one of the hardest goodbyes I've had to say.
But they were so sweet.
They got us each a stocking and a present.
They call me Tennessee.
So the little tags said "Sister Tennessee."
It was pretty cute.
They yell your name throughout the house
to tell you that it is your turn to go sit on Santa's lap.
Brother Willis was a little sad that I wouldn't sit in Santa's lap.
But I told him that I couldn't hug a man, 
so I definitely couldn't sit in one's lap!
I think he may have gotten over it by now.

Christmas was great!
Mainly because I got to talk with you fine people!
But also we went to a great family's house!
The Swiharts, we made a little Christmas ornament.
And they fed us a delicious lunch of course.
We went to the Owens as well. 
So we got stuffed to capacity.
And we got to do some caroling!
All in all, it was a fantastic Christmas season.
I thought I would be really sad,
but it has been one of the best ever!

They came to church yesterday!!!
Sister Evans has been sick ever since Christmas,
so I went there with Sister Rasmussen.
We gave him a returning member form
telling him the things he needed to do to go to the temple.
And they came to church!
So we're hoping that they will keep making those steps!

They came to church yesterday!!!
And that is a BIG step.
They haven't been since I got here!
And they are getting Madison blessed Sunday!
I am so proud of the steps they are taking.

He got baptized on Saturday!
We were afraid it wouldn't happen, but it did!
And we are going to meet with him tomorrow.
One last time before he heads to Utah for training.
I am hoping there are some good LDS people in his unit.
So he stays strong when they head to Cuba.
It's nerve wrecking. 
But we think he'll do great!

Last night we went over and set up a time to come back.
Since they had to cancel due to everyone in their family being sick.
So we shared Mormon 9:20-21.
And he said that he believed that miracles still happened.
Because they weren't going to have a Christmas for their boys.
They prayed and prayed.
Christmas Eve there were tons of presents on their porch.
And they also got $700.
They are making such a good effort to change their lives.
I am so excited for them.
The Lord blesses those who are trying.
You don't have to be perfect to receive those blessings.

More than anything this week I am grateful for the Priesthood.
It is so amazing that we have it today.
I am so happy to be surrounded by people who hold the Priesthood, and do so worthily.
It is such a blessing to be able to ask for a blessing whenever we need it.
And know that what they are saying is from God, for you.

I love yall so much!
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Hunger Games and Candy! LOVE that shirt.
2. Exchanges with Sister Rasmussen!
3. Present from the Willis'.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey Family!!
So this week is going to be a great week!
I am really excited for Christmas!!
Although it doesn't quite feel like Christmas to me.
Not sure why.
Probably because I'm not at home.
I'm surprisingly not sad.
I think it's because it's the Lord's work.
So he's keeping me happy:)

Eli didn't get baptized like he was supposed to.
But apparently they moved it to this Saturday.
So we'll cross our fingers that it sticks!
We know he is ready.
It just worries us since he is about to go
on deployment to where the church doesn't exist.
Aka Cuba.
Or at least I don't think it exists.
Maybe it does.
Either way, we're a little worried for him.

We went on exchanges last week.
I went with Sister Hurst in my area.
It was weird being on the STL side of exchanges.
But it was fun.
She's a really good missionary.
So I am proud of her!
And she's only been out a month.
We are going on exchanges again this week.
I am going with Sister Rasmussen(from my MTC district).
I'm pretty excited because I love her.
We're pretty sure we are going to be companions.
We'll see though.

Yesterday we were in the library
and this lady comes in all distraught.
We asked her what's wrong and she said that
one of her soloists for the Christmas program bailed.
So me being the kind soul I am,
you know what I did?
I companion.
So Sister Evans got to sing one of our favorites,
Mary Did You Know,
in 9th ward.
I'm so kind I know.

We had Zone training this week.
We are having lots of zone meetings,
which I'm okay with.
Because that means I get to see
my friends from my old district in the valley.
It's been lots of fun.

And I can't believe none of you even responded
to the fact that I am going to be in a meeting with
I'm so excited I can't even handle it.
It's going to be so much fun.
Especially since the mesa mission will be there.
So maybe I will get to see some people
I haven't seen in a long time.
Or Sister Gustafson, who just went out!

The work is hastening!
And I am so honored to be a part of it.
All in all, it's been a pretty great week.
I love yall!
I will SEE you Wednesday!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. We tried to make a cool temple Christmas ornament for the Willis'. Didn't quite turn out how we had planned....
2. Sister Evans and I
3. Sister Crandall and I
I have now been to the temple with all of my companions so far!
4. Oh and I chopped some wood. Pretty much a mountain woman now.
5. Me with my "babies." Looove them.
6. Our little tree:) I forgot to say. We moved this week. Next door to the Elders' old apartment. The Sisters kept their tree and the Elders took our old one. So we made do with one we found in the shed.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

16 December 2013

Hey Family!
How are things going for you?
Things are pretty great here.
Well other than the cold.

We had a great week!
We met with Eli after like 3 months of not seeing him.
And he agreed to get baptized!
THIS Saturday!
He's getting baptized in Chino,
so we don't get to go.
But we are really excited for him!
I know how much it's going to bless his life.
It's so exciting!

We found out that....
is coming to visit us, Mesa, and Gilbert.
We get to meet with him for 2 hours!!!
Isn't that so awesome??
It'll be January 11th.
We're all pretty excited.

We were able to meet with the Byers this week.
Which was great!
He is so prepared.
So I am so excited we met him.
We met with him last week.
And his wife a different day too.
So we saw them twice last week.
And we're seeing them this week too!
We are going to extend the baptism invitation.
Because he is SOOO prepared.
It is so true that the Lord prepares his people.

We also set a date with the Ballards to go to the temple!
In 2015, but we are SOOO excited for them!
They are making great progress.
It'll be great when we can get them to church.
They are really struggling with that.
But they are stopping smoking,
so that's really good.

The Willis' are doing alright.
They both have health problems,
but we pray for them daily.
I love them so much.
I worry about Brother Willis with his health.
But the Lord knows what is best.
And he is going to get Brother Willis to the temple.
I just know it!!!

We got to go to the temple this week too!
It was SOOO great. 
I love going to the temple.
And it was so great to be able to
since we don't get to go very often.

We also had Zone Conference!
I love meetings with President.
He is such an amazing man.
I love them to death too!
I love people easier since I came on my mission I think.
Because I love everyone!

Sorry this is short.
But I don't have any more time left!

I love yall!
Keep the faith!
Sister Hubmann


1. A chair out of Soda. Pretty cool right?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Well hello there!

Hello family!
How are things going for yall?
Life is great here!
They got new computers at the church,
so we've been able to email here.
Which is awesome and so much closer to home.
And the computers are touch screen!
Sooo cool.
I just touched it with my finger,
not like you would know.
But it is pretty awesome.

This week was great!
I actually made a trip to the valley.
I had to go down for a meeting.
I don't know if I told you,
but they made me a
Sister Training Leader.
So I had to go down there for
Mission Leadership Council.
Which is where all the STLs
and Zone Leaders get training for their areas.
It was really fun.
And I got to see a lot of my missionary friends.
And best part.
Drum roll.....
We originally were going to leave morning of the meeting.
But they made us go down night before.
And they had us leave so early that we
got down there at like 8.
So we asked if we could go see them.
It was so awesome!
I got to see some of the Sisters in the Visitor Center
that I had known when I was in the Mesa Mission.
I didn't see Sister Gustafson from school.
But maybe I will eventually!
Did I ever tell yall that my companion
knows Kiki and Kirsten?
She was in their EFY group one year.
Her name is Abigail Evans if they want proof.
Crazy right?
Such a small world I tell you!
Did you get to watch the Christmas Devotional?
We got to watch most of it!
I was really good.
We got the Willis to watch it too.
So that was really awesome.
Remember Eli from way back when?
We dropped him because he wasn't progressing.
And he texted us last week!
So hopefully we can get him back on date this week.
Gwen didn't get baptized.
But we may be taking her to the Christmas lights.
So we think that'll help her a lot.
Fingers crossed we can get that ride down there.
We have a temple trip this week.
We are so excited!
And I have been able to do some Family History.
So I am taking a name to the temple with me!
I will send it home once I am done Wednesday.
I love yall!
Hope you have a great week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1. Jones, Pew, Carrillo, Sanchez at the Christmas lights!
2. Me and Sister Jones--we were on the Res together our 2nd transfer.
3. Temple! Pretty right?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December already??

Well hello there!
I have no clue how it's already December.
Time is just flying by for me.
Has it been flying by for yall too?
It's crazy how fast time goes when you don't want it to.
And how slow it goes when you want it to go fast.
Gotta love it.

Well this past week was great.
Thanksgiving was interesting.
I almost died.
Not literally.
But my stomach almost exploded.
We had 5 dinners.
Then day of someone invited us.
So we had 6.
But we ended up cancelling the 5th one.
And giving ourselves a break
between dinners 4 and 6.

One of the families was Mexican
and they stared us down to make sure we ate.
And stuffed us to capacity.
That was dinner 3.
The Willis' were dinner 4.
We got there and they asked how we were doing.
Sister Evans said good.
I was like I'm not doing so good.
They got all concerned and said why?
I said "You know how much I love you,
but there is absolutely no way I can eat right now."
They understood.

But I was in major pain.
We ended up getting to stay there a while.
So we grazed some there.
And I ate their leftovers for lunch the next day.
So many leftovers...
We also had a smoked and deep fried turkey!
Not too bad.
Needless to say,
I was stuffed to capacity.

Sister Evans got food poisoning.
Which was awful.
Not even just for her.
But me too.
I was stuck inside ALLLL day.
For 2 days.
I guess I should have more pity for her.
Don't worry, I took care of her.

Missionary work is the best.
I love being a missionary!
Thank you for all the support you give to me!
I love yall so much!
You are the best!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann


1. 9 months!
2. my planner for thanksgiving.
3. Sister Willis. I LOVE HER.
4. Thanksgiving at the Willis'!
5. Cows getting herded down a main road. With hay in the back of a pickup. I will give them 20 points for creativity!