Monday, July 21, 2014

21 July 2014

Hey Family!
Sorry this one is going to be short.
I ran out of time.
But you'll see me soon.
So I can update you then:)

This week was good!
I got to go visit Desbah and Sister Wynn!
It was so good to see both of them!
They are such amazing people:)
And I get to go see Leslie and Nancy tomorrow!
Heavenly Father is really blessing me these days!

We have been working at a food bank here.
I love it. It is a blast.
We prepare food boxes for people in emergencies.
There is a woman named Carol.
She went to the Gilbert Open House.
And is interested in the Phoenix temple too!
She wants us to keep her posted on that open house.
She is really awesome!

We also went and rode the trolley in Scottsdale!
We found a potential for someone in Scottsdale.
She is this cute little 15 year old girl.
Her name is Jamie and she seemed super open.
Pray for Jamie!

We also went on exchanges.
My last one EVER!
It's crazy!
I went with Sister Baros into a Spanish area.
It was a blast.
We were on bike.
I got a little sunburnt,
but it's a nice tan now!
I got to eat dinner with Sister Evans(from Taylor.)
She got switched to Spanish.
So it was good to see her one last time!
It was a great last exchange even though
I couldn't understand anything going on!

Have a great week!!!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. Desbah!
2. Sister Wynn!
3.Sister Baros on my last exchange ever!
4. Sister Entin and I had a Kool-Aid party!

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