Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
Today has been good so far.
We had a breakfast with the ward bright and early.
It was sooo good.
I gained 3 pounds. No joke.
I weighed myself before and after.
Hope yall get to relax some since you have the day off!

He's struggling a bit.
He thinks he has to be perfect.
We are going to make sure that he knows that.
His date was for June 7th,
but we're going to have to push it back.

We got to go to Tanyon's baptism!
It was so cute.
He sang with his cousins.
The talks were great.
He seemed so happy to be baptized.
And when people would ask him questions,
he knew all of the answers and then some.
I was so proud of him!

At the baptism,
Sister Moser said that Betty called them.
And she heard the voicemail, which was still us.
She said Betty was sad when she heard it.
But then said, "I know she's in a good place."
Like I was dead!
It was too funny.

I got an email from a family in Taylor.
They told me that a less active I had worked with
gave a talk in church with his new wife.
He talked about the missionaries that had helped him become active,
and specifically talked about me!
I cried.
I always wonder if people will remember me.
And he did.
I wished I could be there to hear him talk!
But I just thought that was so awesome.

And I stepped in human pee this week.
It's been a good week.

Have a good week!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. Cool new shoes.
2. The sisters who taught Tanyon at his baptism! He's such a cutie!
(Me, Sister Moser, Sister Holman, Sister Kraft, and Tanyon.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 May 2014


Sometimes life is unfair.
Yesterday was one of those days.
Remember how I got the stomach
bug last transfer?
Guess who got it again?
This Sister!
And the Elders who came
to give me a blessing had to hear it.
Poor things.
But I'm doing much better now!
Eating pretzels as we speak.
And I hope for no more run ins with the 
stomach bug in the next couple months.

Here's the update on my people!

Love her to death!
But she's not really progressing anymore.
She has an interesting living situation,
which is going to keep her from baptism.
We're finishing up the lessons with her,
so who knows what will end up happening.

He was super crude when we were there.
It was really awkward.
Super awkward.
It was a side of him we hadn't seen before.
And we did NOT like it.
He sent us like 10 apology texts.
So we're going to still meet with him.
But the best thing was he was
supposed to get baptized this weekend.
And didn't!!!
Sounds weird I'm excited, right?
Well it was supposed to be in another church!
And now he isn't for at least 3 weeks.
Just enough time for us to come in.
Heavenly Father truly does have his hand in things.

He's one of our member's foreign exchange students.
From Germany.
He wants to learn more,
but he's not sold on joining.
He will be soon though.
We've met with him a couple times
and he always says it makes sense.
I think he'll get baptized once he 
gets back to Germany.
He even came to church!

He's been struggling.
They were an hour late to church...
but at least they came this week!
It's been a month since they've been there.
We were really worried about him.
So we were happy he made it to church.

This week has gone by so fast.
I can't believe it's already done!
Next week is transfers,
so I won't email until Wednesday.
But I can let you know the news,

Love yall!
Sister Hubmann


1. Shoe tan.
2. Those 3 months of piano lessons paid off!
3. Zone lunch!
4. "Only 15 calories" juice. Don't do it. It's not worth it.
5. And last! Sister Moser with the Garcia's dog sitting on her back. Good week. Good week.


12 weeks left?
Can yall believe it?
I am freaking out more and more
every single day.
I don't think it helps that when people
find out how long I've been out go,
"Oh well you are going home soon aren't you?"
Yes, thank you for reminding me.
I am on an emotional rollercoaster
with coming home.
But you come home,
that's part of a mission.
I'm making myself more okay with it.
Maybe the wedding is helping me?
Something to look forward to I guess.
Oh, and seeing yall will be great too:)

The work is slow.
But we're working on it.
We have an investigator John.
I don't remember if I already told you about him.
He's in his 70's.
We taught him the first lesson and
asked him to pray if he knew it was true.
He said, "I can pray, but I already know it's true."
He's on date for June 7th!
We are really excited for that!

We are working with mid-single
women in the stake as well.
It's interesting.
But I like it.
We get to go to institute,
which is fun.
We did scripture Pictionary last week.
Four square this week.
Which we're excited for.

We did service on Saturday.
We moved dirt from the front yard
to the back yard and spread it out.
I was a pro wheel barrow pusher and shoveler.
Or so I thought.
My back has hurt for 2 days now.
So I think I did a little too much lifting
with my back and not my knees.

Church was great on Sunday.
I am hoping I remember people's names.
The ward seems really nice.
And there are really helpful people too!
Sister Isert has only been here a month.
So we feel like we're white washing somewhat.
It's been a great experience!

Sorry this isn't long.
Not a ton has happened since last week.
But we'll have things for you next week.
Oh, good news!
President told me I can go back to Coronado for baptisms!
So I will be headed back this week for Tanyon.
And for DeSean next week!!
The Lord loves me,
I knew it!

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

Not a lot this week...
1. A better view of the one of me and Sister Isert though!
2. Me, Sister Clark, and Lucas!
3. In my last apartment we had a picture that missionaries who had lived there signed. LOOK AT HOW MANY THERE ARE!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

14 May 2014

Hey family!
This will probably be short.
Because not much has changed
since I talked to you Sunday.

I am in Paradise Valley
with Sister Isert now!
She's awesome.
I really like her.
She has a really cool background.
She lived in Russia for 9 years!
Her and Caleb could talk, I'm sure.
We cover Greenway Ward.
And also the Mid Single Adult Women for the stake.
It's going to be great!

Here are my updates from Coronado:

She is still eating up everything.
She loves the gospel.
And tells everyone she's Mormon.
It's really cute.
And she calls me her
"Lil Mother" in her LDS family!
She is so cute!
I can't wait for her to get baptized.
She has some things to work out.
But it'll all work out!

He said he wants to be baptized
at the end of the month!
So we're heading back to Coronado for that!
I am so excited!
He has a learning disability,
but he's coming along well!

He is getting baptized next week!
So we are excited for him.
He had the stomach bug this week.
Poor thing.
Hopefully he'll be well and ready to go
for Sister Moser and Holman to teach him!

He is doing well.
We taught him the 10 commandments.
He remembers everything so easily.
But has problems translating into English somewhat.
He says English is easy though.
He's got to be the only person I have met that has said that.
He goes back to Germany soon.
Where I know he'll join the church.

Oh and last...
Release date:
I will be headed home on my birthday!
Aka, August 4th!
So be ready for a party!:)

The Lords is so very aware of all of us.
I love it.
Sister Crandall always used to tell me
that the Lord's timing is perfect.
And I found a scripture to back it up today!
Doctrine & Covenants 64:32.
Everything happens in its own time.
And then v. 33.
Even if you feel like you are doing something small,
it turns into something big!

Have a fantastic week!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann


1. Sister Moser!
2. Crappy picture. But here's Sister Isert!
3. Garcias!
4. Betty! She wrote me a thank you card!
5. DeSean!
6. The zone leaders! Elder DeBruin and Corbridge!
7. The zone!
8. We're pretty cool if you can't tell.
9. Sister Lords!
10. Us with our WML, Brother Monson and RC, Audrey Weaver.