Monday, September 30, 2013

"Hubmann is my hub-life."-Sister Brown

Hey Family!
This week has been good!
We have been working with a lot of less actives.
I kind of used a lot of email time,
so this it going to be a picture week.
Sorry! I'll be better next week!
Our investigator Sean set a new date!
He will be getting baptized on Nov. 9th!
A week after he and Tatiana get married.
I am so excited for them moving forward!
We taught them of the importance
of missionary work this week.
We met with the Willis this week.
He is cussing less, which is nice.
And they agreed to feed us breakfast
and watch conference.
Which is amazing!
Because they have been to church once
in the past 5 years.
It is really exciting.
And I love them a ton,
so I really want them to make it to the temple.
We also met with the Ballards.
We have been trying to get them to
the temple to tour it.
But it keeps falling through.
We are hoping we can get there soon.
They also are making us breakfast and
watching conference with us!
We are so excited!
It is so amazing to see all of them progressing.
We had dinner last night
with a family who has an exchange student.
Her mom had sent her a package,
so she has real swiss chocolate.
So I may have some special order
candy for Christmas:)
We pointed out to them they actually
have a really cool opportunity
to teach Natasha about the gospel.
So we might be going over there for an FHE
and teach a lesson.
She seems like a sweetheart.
I'm 100% sure she'll get baptized once
she gets back to Switzerland.
We had a sisters meeting this week
before the relief society broadcast.
We went over some exercise booklet and had lunch.
It was a blast to see all of the sisters.
The broadcast was great!
I learned so much.
And it helped me figure out what
I need to do with missionary work right now.
I love being a missionary.
It's so great to be able to help people
grow closer to Heavenly Father and the Savior.
I hope y'all have a good week!
Look for opportunities to serve the Lord this week!
I love you tons!
Sister Hubmann
1. Elder Arizona preaching the gospel from the mountain tops!
2. This says CTR in the center.
3. Me and sisters I live with before the broadcast.
4. At the meeting were 2 sisters that I came out with. There was only one sister who had been out longer than us. We felt so mission old!
5. Us at the temple!  I think Kels chose the wrong picture.

Monday, September 23, 2013

You do something new every day.

Hey Family!
This week has been a good one.
Thrift shopping.
Bike riding.
Crazy wind.
Quote writing.
Cow milking.
That's right.
You read that correctly.
I. Milked. A. Cow.
It was so weird.
And I totally squirted myself.
Then I yelled.
And scared the cow...
Good thing she was tied up.
Otherwise one of the other sisters
might have had a swift kick.
It was really fun.
I can now take that off my bucket list.
We went on exchanges this week.
I love exchanges.
And this time I was with
another sister from Tennessee!
The only two in the mission.
We got to talk about Tennessee.
And most importantly,
I have yet to find someone at college
or on my mission who can know how
awesome and great it is.
So that was fun.
We went thrift shopping last week.
Been doing that a lot more lately.
Mainly because I seem to be somehow
growing out of all of my clothes.
And getting sick of all of them.
So thank goodness for thrifting!
Since we have no miles.
We started biking!
I love it.
I miss biking.
But it is way different up here.
So many hills!
We're biking to an appointment.
And we are running late.
So we are booking it up this hill.
We get in the driveway,
I hop off my bike and turn around.
And there is my poor companion,
laying on the ground.
She said her skirt got caught on her seat.
And she was too tired to do anything.
So she fell.
I couldn't help but laugh.
And then later that day,
she changed her gears a lot.
But she wasn't on her bike pedaling.
So the next time she got on,
her chain popped off.
And then she had to walk her bike to our apartment.
That day was just not her day.
We had a great meeting with Chris and Angie!
They are less actives, becoming active.
We got to know them better and we are going to
start teaching them the lessons.
So that they can have a better
understanding of the gospel.
We read the Book of Mormon with them too.
I loved it.
The wind here.
Is like no other I tell you.
I thought Rexburg was bad.
It's crazy!
I almost had several Marilyn Monroe moments.
Well I did.
But I was wearing spandex.
So it all worked out.
And wasn't too embarrassing.
There are a million grasshoppers here!
I have never seen so many in my life.
You would think there was a plague or something.
We didn't get to meet with Hunter and Judy Jones this week.
It was a bummer.
But we are hoping to meet with them this week.
We really want her to make it to the temple!
So we have got to get her to church.
She came last week,
but she didn't make it this week.
The sisters have been having me write
a bunch of quotes down for them for their walls.
And so I have come across some really great quotes.
Here is one that I LOVE.
"With His Atonement,
we become different people
than we would without it."
-Elder D. Todd Christofferson
That is so true.
We are able to change through
Christ's Atonement.
It's only through him that we are able to do that.
So it is such a blessing to be able
to have that in our lives.
Roya got baptized this weekend!!!
She was so happy!
The funny part was that after
Elder Ronnenberg had baptized her,
she thought she had to go again.
Because the only baptism she had
been to was Tamra's.
And Tamra didn't make it all the way under the first time,
so she had to be baptized twice.
Love her to death.
Wish I could've been there.
But there's a reason for everything
and I know that.
Never has that grown more known
to me than on my mission.
Have a fantastic week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1. Milking the cow.
2. Sister Brown fixing her bike.
3. Taylor sign!
4. Sister Crowther and I--love her. She's one of the sisters who lives with us.
5. Recognize this sister? Sister Rasmussen! From my district in the MTC. We are roommates now!
6. Sister Jones from Tennessee!
7. Sister Brown at the Taylor Sign.
8. Elder Arizona in Taylor!
9. Beautiful, eh?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

16 Sept 2013

Hey Family!
How is it going?
Things are going well here as usual.
It has been raining so much since I've come.
Almost every day.
We had a big storm on Friday.
It came out of the blue.
I think it was because it was
Friday the 13th.
But that might be the superstitious side of me.

We have almost 0 miles to drive in our car.
So we have been hitching rides with members.
They have been so great.
We have been walking a lot too.
I like it a lot because it's so nice outside.
But Sister Brown is buying a bike today.
So we're going to start biking as well.
Which I am excited for because I miss it.

We have been working with a LA, Judy Jones.
She is a sweetheart.
We are helping her get to the temple.
She wants to go so badly,
so I am really excited about.
I can tell it's a real desire because
even though she felt awful yesterday,
she came to church.
We are also teaching her grandson Hunter.
He's a super sweet kid.
We taught him about the Stripling Warriors.
And we are teaching him the Restoration Saturday.

We are going on exchanges this week.
We're pretty excited.
I like doing them.
I have been able to learn a lot from
other sisters and their areas.

There is a member here who is the best.
Her name is Sister Willis.
She is in the sisters who live with us's ward.
She does everything for us.
She took us to Walmart last week.
And paid for part of our groceries!
Sweetheart, right?

I am loving this area.
It has been such a good experience so far.
I love being a missionary.
Pray for missionary experiences!
The Lord will place them in your life,
I can promise that!

Have a fantastic week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1.Temple :)
2. This little missionary man I found. I am going to take pictures of him preaching the gospel throughout Arizona. Preaching to the cows this week.
3. The storm coming in!
4. All the Sisters in the zone at the temple.

Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013

Hey Family!
This last week has been pretty good!
I like Taylor a lot.
It reminds me of home a lot.
Mainly because of the green.
I'm FREEZING here though.
I have been in the heat for so long
that up here is so cold.
I have been studying under a blanket.
Or i'll put on fleece socks and a sweatshirt.
I am hoping my body will adjust soon.
Yesterday I wore long sleeves and a scarf.
But it was raining too.
Which it rains here a lot.
They said they normally don't get this much rain.
But prayers have been answered!
So they have had lots of rain.

I heard that Roya didn't get baptized on Saturday.
It's really sad.
I'm not sure what's going on there
because I can't talk to Sister Crandall.
But I heard she's not getting baptized until next month.
Hopefully I'll find out more why soon.

We've met some really great people here.
It's hard to remember who is who sometimes.
Because everyone is related.
So there are a lot of name repeats in our wards.
I don't remember if I told yall,
but I am covering 2 wards and a YSA branch.
Everyone is really nice.
Everyone waves at everyone here.
It's a pretty small town.
Like 2,400 people or something.
There isn't a Walmart here,
so we are forced to go to the grocery store
that monopolizes the area.
But luckily we are going to Walmart that's like
30 minutes away with a member today.
So I am stocking up there!

We had a lesson with some new investigators.
Their names are Edwardo and Ambra.
It's going to be a challenge for sure.
Because in their society(Navajoo),
she is the head of the household.
So only men having the Priesthood is hard for her.
But we are meeting with them again this week.
So hopefully we'll be able to get through to them.
They are really nice.
He doesn't say much,
so we're going to try to get him to talk this week.

We met the Willis' this week as well.
They are less-actives and super sweet.
We are working to get them back to church.
They do want to go to the temple and get sealed,
so getting them back to church is the first step.

We had a lesson with this couple last night.
She is a member and he's not a member.
They have a wedding date for November 2.
So we are getting him ready to be baptized right after.
They are the sweetest family.
They do FHE, family prayer, and scipture study.
He even started paying tithing!
They are seriously the best people ever.

Well I think that's all for this week!
I love you all!
Have an excellent week:)
Much love,
Sister Hubmann


1.Studying under my blanket.
2. Snowflake temple!
3. We got an odd text message. In case you can't read this message. It says, "went to the golden brewery. more than i could ever think about drinking. it's a big world out her bro!"
4. But don't worry, we took the opportunity to do missionary work! Our response, "We think you may have the wrong number, but would you be willing to listen to a brief message about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
--You have to take every opportunity you can to do missionary work!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This week has been a good one.
It's always hard to focus in the week right before transfers.
You wait and wait all week to find out
what's going to happen to you.
Sister Crandall literally had chestpains.
She was so stressed out.
Mainly because everyone told her she would be training.
And it turns out, she is!
I can't believe it.
6 weeks out and she is training!
I actually can believe it.
She's a super great missionary.
I loved getting to be with her for the 6 weeks I did.
So my news.
I ended up getting transferred.
I am now in the mountains!
Up in Taylor, AZ.
It's really pretty up here.
It reminds me more of home
than anywhere else I've been.
It's really green up here.
There are a TON of Mormons here too.
I am right next to Snowflake,
if that rings any bells to where this little town is.
My companion is Sister Brown.
She's been out 6 weeks,
so I am finishing her training.
She's super sweet.
Such a doll.
I think this is going to be a good transfer!
We live across the street from a rodeo.
So we go and run stairs there 3 days a week.
I almost died.
My legs were shaky for a while after that.
Gotta get fit and lose weight somehow!
Apparently the other days of the week they walk around a cemetery....
Not quite sure how I feel about that one yet...
We have cows in our backyard.
I woke up and looked out the window.
And there it was.
Just grazing.
It's so nice to be in the green again!
I haven't been here too long.
We got up here around 7.
We ate since we hadn't eaten since 12.
And headed out to meet people.
We set up a time to meet with an investigator
that they had taught the first lesson to.
We are meeting with them tonight!
Their names are Ambra and Edwardo.
They got married 3 months ago.
I bet they want to be together forever.
So I am really excited about the lesson tonight!
We also went over and met one of my bishops.
We cover 2 family wards and a YSA branch.
So we got to meet one of the three.
He was super nice.
Their son is in the Air Force actually.
He's in the valley here in AZ though.
Roya's baptism is this Saturday!
I wish so much that I could be there.
But it's too far away for us to go:(
I know they were having some complications
getting everything worked out because she is getting
baptized into a different ward from where she lives.
I hope they get everything worked out!
Because she is SOOOO excited to get baptized.
I am so excited for her.
She really does love the gospel and is ready.
Her son told her not to get baptized because she wasn't ready.
She told him, "I'm getting baptized. I am prepared!"
I love her so much.
I know Sister Crandall will take good care of her though.
Nancy is doing well.
She lovesss learning.
So we love teaching her.
She is a great woman.
We taught her the Plan of Salvation.
We were still working on getting her
comfortable enough with the idea of getting baptized.
Sister Wynn is the best person ever.
She made dinner for us and asked what we wanted.
Sister Crandall told her I wanted Chicken & Dumplings.
So she made them for me!
It was so good!
And she made twice baked potatoes.
Never had them?
Check it out.
Other things:
We didn't make tshirts for our zone this transfer.
So we bought pillowcases and decorated them.
It sounds dumb,
but it is one of my favorite things ever now.
I miss those fellow missionaries already.
But hey,
the Lord takes us where we need to go!
Oh and I've been out 6 months...
That's weird.
I hope all is well for yall!
I love you tons!
Remember: Every member a missionary!
Have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1.Burning socks for my 6 month mark.
2. Me and the Zone Leaders, Kinghorn and Hansen.
3. My district! Kinghorn, Oliveira, Me, Hansen, Crandall, and Hawes. Best people ever.
4. Sister Crandall. I LOVE HER!
5. Bishop & Sister Wynn--they're the best!
6. What I see in the morning.
7. My new companion, Sister Brown!