Tuesday, April 29, 2014

28 April 2012

This week has been good!
So that's not new.
They're all good!
I hit 14 months this week.
I guess that's the exciting news this week.

Here's the update on our week:
She had surgery,
so meeting has been harder.
But we met with her and 
talked about her baptism.
She was supposed to work this week,
so her baptism Saturday wouldn't work.
But since she can't work.
We're hoping that we can have her baptism this week.
Pray for our dear Betty!!!

He fell off the face of the planet.
But we found him last week!
He came to church and
we're meeting with him this week.
We're excited to get him back on date
and progressing on the path again!

He fell through on us this week.
But we aren't giving up on him yet.
He's giving up the rest of his coffee and alcohol.
Pray for him as well.
His heart needs to be a little more softened.

We got 3 referrals this week!
A couple of them seem promising.
So we're really excited about them!

We had an AWESOME exchange.
I went with Sister Lords.
It was her birthday!
And tons of fun.
Our dinner appointment was
at the bottom of the ward.
And our next appointment was a the top.
We biked FAST.
Made it in 20 minutes.
We were super proud of that.
Although poor Sister Lords' shin was killing her.
She's been having a hard time since
she kept falling off her bike.
I shouldn't laugh at her pain.
But she falls a lot.
I can't help it.
We had a little celebration for her.
Chocolate Taco Bell tacos.
It was quite the party.

That's all for this week.
Have a fantastic week!
And I will SEE you in 13 days!

Love you!
Sister Hubmann

1. There's a Pal's here!

2. Sister Lords climbing trees like it was nobody's business.
3. Yay for exchanges!
5. Our new investigator's little sister drew us a picture!

Oh and things I forgot in the other email. Please put it with the rest of the email:)

We got a new investigator!
He's adorable.
9 years old.
It's a part member family.
He is getting baptized May 24th!

And our air conditioning broke again last week.
But luckily we caught it soon enough.
And got it fixed.
But it was one miserable night.
I couldn't sleep.
And you know how much I love sleep.
I was angry...
At one point I was laying on the floor.
Another time, my head was in the freezer.
I froze a washcloth.
It was a long night.
But it's fixed now!
Praises to the man who created the AC.

Love yall!
Sister Hubmann

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Pageant time!

Hello Kingsport!!
How has your week been?
Mine has been great!
Filled with lots of miracles!

She loves the Book of Mormon
more than some members I know.
Seriously, she is eating it up.
We went to the Easter Pageant with her.
She LOVED it and said she wished she had gone sooner.
The next night someone had an extra seat.
So she came with us AGAIN!
2 nights in a row.
She is seriously amazing.
I love her so much.
She keeps getting testified to 
more and more that May 3rd
is the day for her to be baptized.
I can see the Lord working so much in her life.
It is such a blessing to teach her.
She gave us an Easter Lily too!
We decided to join in on her tradition of 
having one, so she gave us hers!
the protesters at the pageant had
Joseph lied signs.
And she said,
"How do I know what Joseph that is?
How many Josephs in this world are there
that lie?"
The anti's faces were priceless.
Best night.

He is slowing down his progression.
Which is really sad.
He kept bailing on us for the Easter Pageant.
And then he got sick.
So he didn't get to go:(
He didn't get to go to church either.
It's been a challenge.
We had to push back his date.
But we are trying for May 3rd with him as well!

He and his wife came to the pageant!
It was so great for them!
They are from Poland.
And she hadn't seen live lambs
since she left Poland.
She got to pet one before the pageant started.
That was really good for her.
They loved it and couldn't understand
the protesters outside.
I can't either, but hey.
At least they weren't listening to what they were saying.

That is pretty much all that happened this week!
Stake conference.
Interviews with President.
It was a good week!

Love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. Mesa Temple!
2. Me and Sister Moser
3. Me and Betty in front of the Christus!
4. Us with Betty at the pageant!
5. Sister Smith from the Mesa Mission!
6. HAPPY EASTER! Someone tracked us down at our dinner and left these outside our dinner's door. It was cute! And then the mask and ears from yall:) I ate your package before I got a picture with it:)
7.  Me with our Easter Lilies from Betty!

Monday, April 14, 2014

14 April 2014

This week has been good.
We have had a lot of progress in the ward.
It's actually amazing to see the difference
from when I first got here in January.
The Lord truly is hastening the work.
People updates.

She has so many questions.
And she's not afraid to ask.
We got her the PERFECT fellowshipper.
So we are super happy about that.
They are going to go the the Easter Pageant
together this week!
We are really excited.
She came to church yesterday and loved it.
Baptism date coming up!

He cancelled our appointment.
But we are going to the pageant
with him this week.
So that makes up for it a little bit.
We're gonna have to push back his date
because he didn't come to church Sunday.
This week he's cutting back completely
on the Word of Wisdom...

He is on date for April 26th!
He is coming to church.
And we're going to the pageant
with him as well this week.
We're working on getting him some church clothes,
so he feels more comfortable there.
He likes it though.
So we're really excited for him!

Coronado is doing well.
I am loving serving here.
It's where all walks of life come,
so things are always interesting.
But it makes life great!

We are going on exchanges tonight,
and guess who I am going with?
None other than SISTER CALL!
It's going to be a blast.
Of course.
Just like old times.

Hope you have a fantastic week!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. Regular show! Almost bought it. Then remembered I had 1,000 tshirts already.
2. Best sign ever. I laughed SOOOO hard.
3. No clean spoons. The struggle is real.
4. Did I send this before? Tempe at night. We went down to the Lake to talk to people. BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The most eventful baptism of my life.

Good day!
This week has been interesting to say the least.
So here is the rundown...

We went bowling as a zone!
It was super fun.
I obviously showed everyone who was boss.
Being in that bowling league when I was younger,
it was the kicker.
Just kidding.
But I really did beat some people!
So that was eventful.
It's always eventful when you can wear pants.

Stephen's baptism.
It was not a happy experience.
Well at first.
Because he was 45 minutes late for his baptism!
So that made things interesting.
Angered the ward members,
but he got baptized so that's what matters!
During refreshments,
Johnny dropped the bomb that 
Stephen wouldn't be at church to get confirmed.
And he couldn't get confirmed this weekend
because of conference.
So he got confirmed Sunday night
when he got home from his trip.
But no one could come confirm him.
We got one ward member there.
And our zone leaders.
So it was an interesting experience.
But Johnny got the Priesthood,
so he got to baptize Stephen!! 
It was great!!!
It took him a few times...
10 or so,
but he got it!
And there was a sign language dance,
as a musical number...
It will be a baptism that I will never forget.

I stayed!
I was super surprised.
But I am still here in Coronado.
Which I am happy about.
I love this ward.
It's where all walks of life dwell.
So it's pretty great.
My new companion is....
Sister Moser!!
She's super great.
I love her already.
She's from Vermont.
And has TWELVE siblings.
Her family is 3 times bigger than ours!
It was sad to see Sister R go,
but I know she was needed elsewhere.
She is with her old companion,
Sister Crowther again!
(She was in Taylor with us,
she's fantastic.)

My polish Chris.
I love that man.
We actually have been able to meet with him!
So that is SUPER exciting.
He hasn't been there for appointments.
But now he is!
And he has a date for April 26th.

We're working on getting her interested.
She says she is interested,
but she is busy. 
So we set up the time to come back,
specifically with her.
So she is more obligated to be there.
Hopefully she'll be following her
dad and brother's footsteps soon!

So this was my week!
Hopefully I can get pictures sent somehow.
This computer won't let me.
So I will figure it out somehow.

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. My new companion Sister Moser!
2. Sister Lords and I matched at bowling!
3. The group that bowled on our 2 lanes! Minus a couple that had to leave early:(
4. The usual zone leader picture. Elder Hansen and Black. I'll let you know when I meet a normal Elder.
5. Sister Entin!!:)
6. Stephen's baptism!
7. April Fools! We trapped Sister Lee in the closet.