Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Pageant time!

Hello Kingsport!!
How has your week been?
Mine has been great!
Filled with lots of miracles!

She loves the Book of Mormon
more than some members I know.
Seriously, she is eating it up.
We went to the Easter Pageant with her.
She LOVED it and said she wished she had gone sooner.
The next night someone had an extra seat.
So she came with us AGAIN!
2 nights in a row.
She is seriously amazing.
I love her so much.
She keeps getting testified to 
more and more that May 3rd
is the day for her to be baptized.
I can see the Lord working so much in her life.
It is such a blessing to teach her.
She gave us an Easter Lily too!
We decided to join in on her tradition of 
having one, so she gave us hers!
the protesters at the pageant had
Joseph lied signs.
And she said,
"How do I know what Joseph that is?
How many Josephs in this world are there
that lie?"
The anti's faces were priceless.
Best night.

He is slowing down his progression.
Which is really sad.
He kept bailing on us for the Easter Pageant.
And then he got sick.
So he didn't get to go:(
He didn't get to go to church either.
It's been a challenge.
We had to push back his date.
But we are trying for May 3rd with him as well!

He and his wife came to the pageant!
It was so great for them!
They are from Poland.
And she hadn't seen live lambs
since she left Poland.
She got to pet one before the pageant started.
That was really good for her.
They loved it and couldn't understand
the protesters outside.
I can't either, but hey.
At least they weren't listening to what they were saying.

That is pretty much all that happened this week!
Stake conference.
Interviews with President.
It was a good week!

Love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. Mesa Temple!
2. Me and Sister Moser
3. Me and Betty in front of the Christus!
4. Us with Betty at the pageant!
5. Sister Smith from the Mesa Mission!
6. HAPPY EASTER! Someone tracked us down at our dinner and left these outside our dinner's door. It was cute! And then the mask and ears from yall:) I ate your package before I got a picture with it:)
7.  Me with our Easter Lilies from Betty!

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