Wednesday, November 27, 2013

9 months...whattt??

Hey Family!!
This past week has been great!
I am staying in Taylor again.
I was so shocked.
And I am keeping the same companion.
Even more shocked.
I love Taylor though.
So I am really excited to stay up here.
We'll be here for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
Pretty nice.
So we are teaching a less active.
And we are watching Finding Faith in Christ.
And when it goes off.
He tells us what he likes about it.
He said if I would have been making
and SNL clip from that video
I would have made Jesus cast the stone at the harlet.
Way to go Jesse.
We could tell you really got a lot from that video.
The Bainers(Sean &Tatiana)
are moving tomorrow!
I told them to say hello to Tennessee for me!
I can't believe they are going.
I am so sad to see them go.
And worried that they'll fall through the cracks.
But the guy that baptized Sean just
got his mission call.
To Nashville Tennessee!
So he'll keep his eyes on him I'm sure.
Eli contacted us again too!
I am so excited about that!
I am determined to see him get baptized.
He is so prepared.
He just needs to do it.
The Lord has his hand in his life.
He just has to realize it.
Thanksgiving is already here!
It's crazy to me!
So here are some things I'm thankful for:
The gospel
The Atonement
The Book of Mormon
Serving a mission
My LOVING family
Mission President
Emails & Letters
The list could go on and on.
And I have like zero time left to email.
So that's just a small list of things I'm grateful for!
Love you all!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Sister Hubmann
1. One last time with Sis. Crowther!
2. Future companions. We're laughing because I had just blown Dorito breath in her face. She loves me.

Monday, November 18, 2013

18 Nov 2013

Hey Family!
How are things in good ole Kingsport?
Things are going pretty well here!
Pretty cold.
But pretty well.
We have been meeting with Gwen
more this week!
She asks all the right questions.
She is one of those people that
they promised would be prepared.
She's amazing.
We just dropped by last night to see her.
She was having a rough time.
So perfect timing!
And we got to talk to her a little
about the Plan of Salvation.
We can't wait to teach her the whole lesson.
Because we know she is going to eat it up.
Sean is progressing well after baptism!
He received the Priesthood yesterday!
We were able to be in there for it.
And it was AMAZING!
He has such a bright future ahead of him.
They leave for TN next week.
Which makes me a little nervous.
I want them to stay active.
So I know they need to get in
immediate contact with the ward there.
Because they will make it to the temple.
I will make sure of it.
And make it happen.
I love them so much!
I know that it will bless their lives SOOO much!
We set a date with Billy for Mom's birthday(Dec 7.)
But he works construction.
So he's going to be in the valley for a while.
So we are going to make sure the missionaries
start visiting with him down there.
He needs to have that contact with the missionaries,
so that he can keep progressing.
He's got the sincere interest!
So I am praying that he will start meeting with them.
Also I heard from my last area,
that a less active we were working with came to church!!
It is all so exciting to see the work progressing!
I've got to say missions are amazing.
And I know I say that every week.
But it is true more and more every week!
Transfer news comes this weekend.
We are pretty sure we're both staying here.
So if anything other than that news comes,
it'll be pretty crazy.
Because of transfers,
pday will be WEDNESDAY.
Don't freak out when the best email
you get all week isn't there until Wednesday.
I love yall!
Have a fantastic week!
You're the best!
Sister Hubmann
1. Dinner of champions.
2. Me and Elder Arizona going for a drive!
Not driving is really nice sometimes.
3. New TOMS!
4. Pretty sunset, right?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sister Rasmussen tells me this is Week 37...

Hey family!!!
This week has been amazing!!
Sean got baptized on Saturday!
It was an interesting experience.
At other buildings I have been to,
it takes about an hour to fill up the font.
We get to this one,
And it says it takes 3 hours.
If you want it warm that its...
So we cranked up the cold water,
and Sean had a freezing baptism.
But hey, he got baptized.
And that's all that matters.
He is receiving the Priesthood this Sunday.
And they are working towards the temple!
They want me to come to their sealing.
So I am REALLY hoping I somehow get to that.
It'll be in Tennessee.
Pretty cool, right?
They are moving there Thanksgiving day.

The Willis' came to church again yesterday!
I think this time was more for us than them.
They came just to hear Sister Evans and I speak.
Which was good, but they need to come for them.
I think that we are going to start reading over talks
with them when we visit.
His letter may be coming soon.
Be sure to tell me when you get that.
It will be great.
I hear he has drawn you some pictures!

Oh we got HITTT!
Our car! HIT!
Last PDAY someone noticed once we got home.
They hit the driver's side.
Big dent.
So Julius will be heading into the shop soon.
We think anyways.

We got a new investigator named Gwen!
She is a YSA.
She committed to baptism on December 7th!
Happy Birthday Mom, we're having a baptism!
We are so excited for her.
She told us she wants to know that the Bible is true,
but she wants to know it from God.
Not from other people.
She's amazing and she has such great faith!

I know I say it all the time,
but being a missionary is the greatest!
This is by far the best decision I've ever made.
I love being able to see the gospel bless people's lives.
Just like it blessed Sean and Tatiana's lives.
So share the gospel with your friends!

I love y'all very much!
Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. At Sean's baptism. Marcus, Sean, Sister Evans, and me!
2. I got to see Sister Brown!!! I LOVE HER!
3. Our car! HIT!
4. Food for thought.
5. Sister Rasmussen told us she had never really had a birthday party. So we threw her one. She had a cookies and cream cake. And the most annoying candle I've ever heard. It played Happy Birthday. Don't ever buy musical candles from the dollar store.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Look out! It's the Jesus Crusaders!

Hey Family!
Yes, we were called the Jesus Crusaders this week.
I think they thought we would get offended.
But we like it.
It was so great!
She looked beautiful!
And he was all smiles the whole time.
Now he can get baptized!!!
He is going to get baptized on Saturday.
We are super excited for that!
And Sister Brown is coming for it!
So I am REALLY excited for it.

Halloween as a missionary is interesting.
We found out on Halloween day that
if we weren't scheduled to see someone,
or if we weren't at a trunk or treat we had to be in at 6.
Us being as popular as we are,
of course we had invites to parties.
So we stayed out ALLLL night!
Just kidding.
We got home before 8.
But we did go to some parties.
We weren't allowed to dress up,
so we just wore mustaches.
People called us the elders.
So that was my costume this year.
An Elder!
Never in their life has an Elder looked so good.

We went on exchanges again this week.
It was a lot of fun.
I went with Sister Jones.
She is from Tennessee too!
I probably already told you that though.
But it was great!
We got to do lots of service.
We painted our apartment,
well part of it.
And helped a less active get
her walls ready to be painted.

We had dinner with the Willis'.
Which resulted in a picture of us with beards on.
I love that couple.
They are some of my favorite people.
I want nothing more than to see them get sealed in the temple.
We keep stopping by
and I feel like they're progressing.
But he's still holding onto some things.
So we are working through that.

Being a missionary has got to be
one of the greatest things in the world.
I love being able to help people!
I never knew I could love people
that I had never met before this much!

I love y'all!
Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann
1. The wedding!
2. Trick or treat!
3. And we had an ear candle party! Remember when we used to do this mom?
4. Sister Crowther and me with the 'staches!
5. Elder Arizona with the Halloween candy!
6. I'm sad because it is now November and I can't use my Camelbak again until March!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

28 October 2013

Hey Family!
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this one will be short.
I got preoccupied with who knows what.
This emailing time always seems to fly by!
This week was great!
We made some great progress with some less actives.
One we always go to their house
and the husband never listens.
But this time he did!
He wasn't in the same room,
but when we said we were going to share a message he muted the TV.
And I know he was listening because
as soon as we were done he unmuted it.
He is progressing slowly.
But slowly is better than nothing!
The Willis' came to church again!!!
We were so excited.
I wanted to cry,
but I held it in!
I love them both so much.
And I think they are really trying.
We all go through things that are hard
and they've been through their fair share.
So I am SOOOO HAPPY that they are coming back!!!
We went on exchanges this week, which I loved.
Sister Sanchez is just the best.
So I love getting to serve with her.
She always helps me find ways
to become a better missionary.
And I will love her forever for that.
We got a new investigator this week!
His name is Billy.
He is friends with one of our Bishops.
He doesn't know a lot about the church,
but he's already been coming to church!
He comes with his son that lives in our ward.
So we are very excited to begin teaching him.
He doesn't live in our area,
so there are some complications there.
But I know he will get baptized no matter where he's taught.
He is one of those people the prophet promises that are prepared.
We had another major breakthrough with one of our Less actives!
We found out they've both been smoking.
And we are going to help them through a program
to help them stop smoking!
Everything in the mission world is great!
I love y'all more than anything!
Now get out there and share the gospel!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1. Me with my package!
2. Beautiful snowflake temple at night!(We cleaned the temple with one of our wards)
3. Petting a horse!
4. Just walking to a house at night, obviously prepared.
5. Taylor Farms. Pretty right?
6. You are my sunshine! Love you!