Wednesday, November 27, 2013

9 months...whattt??

Hey Family!!
This past week has been great!
I am staying in Taylor again.
I was so shocked.
And I am keeping the same companion.
Even more shocked.
I love Taylor though.
So I am really excited to stay up here.
We'll be here for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
Pretty nice.
So we are teaching a less active.
And we are watching Finding Faith in Christ.
And when it goes off.
He tells us what he likes about it.
He said if I would have been making
and SNL clip from that video
I would have made Jesus cast the stone at the harlet.
Way to go Jesse.
We could tell you really got a lot from that video.
The Bainers(Sean &Tatiana)
are moving tomorrow!
I told them to say hello to Tennessee for me!
I can't believe they are going.
I am so sad to see them go.
And worried that they'll fall through the cracks.
But the guy that baptized Sean just
got his mission call.
To Nashville Tennessee!
So he'll keep his eyes on him I'm sure.
Eli contacted us again too!
I am so excited about that!
I am determined to see him get baptized.
He is so prepared.
He just needs to do it.
The Lord has his hand in his life.
He just has to realize it.
Thanksgiving is already here!
It's crazy to me!
So here are some things I'm thankful for:
The gospel
The Atonement
The Book of Mormon
Serving a mission
My LOVING family
Mission President
Emails & Letters
The list could go on and on.
And I have like zero time left to email.
So that's just a small list of things I'm grateful for!
Love you all!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Sister Hubmann
1. One last time with Sis. Crowther!
2. Future companions. We're laughing because I had just blown Dorito breath in her face. She loves me.

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