Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kelsey's last email from AZ as Sister Hubmann

Hey family and friends!
I have had poor time management
these past couple weeks.
My bad.
But I'll see you in a week.
So I'm pretty sure that makes up for this.

This past week was great!
The biggest news.

We had a huge microburst!
I woke up to Sister Isert saying
something about a monsoon.
I ignored it because I was half asleep.
And then I heard a huge crash!
A tree got struck by lightning
and sent a limb flying towards our apartment.
It broke one of our windows.
But not in either of the bedrooms,
thank goodness.
So it has been quite a weekend!
We didn't have church at our building
because there was no power!
We all went to the stake center.
It was like 2 sessions of stake conference.

Food bank.
It was great!
I love working there.
It brings me so much joy.
I'm going to have to find
something like that when I get home.

Last zone activity!
It was so much fun!
We played sports for 2.5 hours.
I was so sore the next couple days.
But it was SOOO worth it.
Mainly because they never let us
play sports with the Elders anymore.
Thus, a much smaller group to play with
since there are only 6 sisters in the zone.

I also got to go see Leslie and my convert Nancy!
She got sick so we didn't get to go until Thursday.
But it was so great when I finally got to.
I love them SOOO much.
They are such amazing women.
And Leslie gave me my prayer rock!
So that will take up 4 of my 50 pounds.
Totally worth it.

Thank you so much for your support.
I have loved receiving all of your letters and emails.
They came just at times when I needed them the most.

I have loved being a missionary.
There is nothing better I could have done
with my life at this time.
I feel like I have grown so much.
(You'll have to tell me if I really have.)
It is such a blessing to be able to serve the Lord
and see how the Gospel blesses the lives of others.
I am so grateful to have been able to serve in Arizona.
I love these people so much.
But yall aren't too bad either:)

I love yall so much!
I will see you MONDAY!

Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Leslie and Nancy!!
2. There was a normal monsoon this week too.
We went and played in that one! We're wet!
Although you can't really tell....
3. I'm trying to bring Sister Entin with me!
4. Most of the zone after the activity.
5. We have a problem. We're addicted to Minute Maid juice.
6. We made balloon animals!
7. Boarded up window. Something we learned was I am the only one who can handle a high pressure situation...I boarded it up while the other 3 had meltdowns.
8. Trees down in the complex.
9. The Liljenquist/Hall family. Aren't they adorable? I love them!

Monday, July 21, 2014

21 July 2014

Hey Family!
Sorry this one is going to be short.
I ran out of time.
But you'll see me soon.
So I can update you then:)

This week was good!
I got to go visit Desbah and Sister Wynn!
It was so good to see both of them!
They are such amazing people:)
And I get to go see Leslie and Nancy tomorrow!
Heavenly Father is really blessing me these days!

We have been working at a food bank here.
I love it. It is a blast.
We prepare food boxes for people in emergencies.
There is a woman named Carol.
She went to the Gilbert Open House.
And is interested in the Phoenix temple too!
She wants us to keep her posted on that open house.
She is really awesome!

We also went and rode the trolley in Scottsdale!
We found a potential for someone in Scottsdale.
She is this cute little 15 year old girl.
Her name is Jamie and she seemed super open.
Pray for Jamie!

We also went on exchanges.
My last one EVER!
It's crazy!
I went with Sister Baros into a Spanish area.
It was a blast.
We were on bike.
I got a little sunburnt,
but it's a nice tan now!
I got to eat dinner with Sister Evans(from Taylor.)
She got switched to Spanish.
So it was good to see her one last time!
It was a great last exchange even though
I couldn't understand anything going on!

Have a great week!!!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. Desbah!
2. Sister Wynn!
3.Sister Baros on my last exchange ever!
4. Sister Entin and I had a Kool-Aid party!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

14 July 2014

Hello there!
This week has been good!
It's been slower, but good.

We are doing some exciting new things.
Riding the trolley to find.
Family History.
Working at a food bank!

I have been doing lots of Family History.
So Ma, if you find something wrong.....
feel free to correct it.
Indexing is good too.
But I'm trying to have to
Spirit of Elijah and stuff...

The food bank was probably
my favorite thing from this week.
We got to talk about the church so much.
Sister Isert had physical therapy at the
same time so Sister Entin and I went.
It was so fun.
We washed windows.
Swept the floor.
Prepared food boxes.
It was great.
Even when I accidentally ran Sister Entin
down with a cart.
I don't think she thought that was quite as great.
We'll be going once a week.
So that's really exciting!
I love doing it!

We also got to paint this week.
That was fun.
We painted all the baseboards
in this elderly sister's home.

It's so weird how much I love serving now.
I guess it isn't weird.
But it's a change.
I used to hate doing it.
I would like it once I got there,
but now I love even the thought of serving!
Unless it's dishes.
I somehow haven't gained that love yet.

We got a referral yesterday.
Her name is Rosie.
She is a mid-single sister,
so therefore she would be in our ward
since we're the magnet ward for that.
We are going to go to the visitor center
soon and watch JSPR with her.
Which is really exciting.
#1 I love that move.
#2 We'll have a new investigator
#3 I have friends that serve there still.

Life is great!
I am still loving serving.
It's been a great road.
And I will finish it hopefully being
a WAAAY better person than I was before.
I love yall!
Thank you for all the support you give me.

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Sister Entin and I painting.
2. And our zone on the fourth (just got it from another sister)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Happy Fourth of July!!
It was a good week!
It was much cooler this week.
It's so sad when I say much cooler.
Because I mean between 98-103.
But either way,
it's really nice to have the cooler weather!
I am dreading the 120 that should be coming soon.

The 4th was good!
We had a cookout with some other missionaries.
That night we had dinner with a couple that is
less-active in our ward, but active in another...
It's complicated.
But it was good!
They made us STEAK.
I had to watch her to make
sure I was using the correct fork.
After that we helped her with family history.
And then went on the search for
people and fireworks.
Unfortunately, we didn't find much.
But we saw some from a distance!
I saw a lot this year.
More than my single firework I saw last year.

We had humidity this week!
It kept tricking us to think it would rain.
Dark clouds and lightning.
But never any rain.
We did get a haboob though!
Aka a sandstorm.
It was awesome!
Except the grittiness in my teeth.
We had to come in early though,
which was a bit of a bummer.

We had a ward fast for missionary work!
Only a couple people bore their testimony
about missionary work.
So we are hoping others remembered to fast for it.
We're hoping with this that the members will
find more people for us to teach.

Sister Isert and I came up with a funny analogy.
Sister Shrek told me I was like a 90 year old
in the mission--old, hates everyone(I don't, don't worry), etc.
So that is where it started.
At the end of your mission, you're 90.
And they take you to a home.
Where you stay for a bit.
Then die.
And go back to your makers.
Sounds a bit like life, right?
I told her the only way it would be better
would be if I trained her.
So it would be one of my children taking me to a home.

Missions really do change a person.
I don't think I ever thought I would change this much.
Or never want to leave.
I thought when my time came, I'd be okay to go.
I'm finding that's not as true as I thought originally.
I am working hard to the end.
On my planner I have a quote by Abraham Lincoln...
"I do the very best I know how;
the very best I can;
And I mean to keep doing so until the end.
If the end brings me out all right,
what is said against me won't amount to anything."
I'm kicking butt and taking names this last transfer!
Thanks for all the support yall give me
and continue to give me!

I love yall very much!
Sister Hubmann

1. In-N-Out for the first time ever!
2. The haboob! You can't really tell in the picture.
But it was pretty cool!
3. Sister Entin with a flag in her little poof of hair.
4. We're pretty classy people.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

30 June 2014

This week has been interesting.

I've decided I thought I was maturing.
But it's not really happening.
Someone took us to Outback for dinner.
And we sat with just 4 people in one of
their really big booths.
And I had a long skirt on,
so I sat indian style.
And I ate chicken tenders and fries.
Some things never do change, do they?
I'll be a child forever!

We had an awesome lesson with Chris.
But when we walked in we saw a sign
that said, "Happy 30th Birthday!"
We asked if it was for him.
And it was...
So we had to give him the YSA sisters.
Because he still has another year to
go to the YSA ward.
And he was super excited about it.
He was so accepting of the gospel.
It was hard to let him go,
but we know it will be good for him.

We went tracting this week!
Sister Isert and I hit the pavement hard.
Lots of sweat into that one.
Mainly because even at night it barely
gets below 100 degrees.
It used to at 8 at night,
but not anymore.
I'm going to be sizzling like bacon soon!

We live with a Sister named Sister Entin.
She is allergic to cats.
But she went to this house and played with a cat.
And had an allergic reaction.
It was one of the funniest things ever.
Before I came on my mission there was a video
on youtube that was super popular called
Ain't nobody got time for that.
So I recorded her saying that.
It was one of the funniest things ever.
But rest assured she is perfectly fine
and back to normal. 

I gave a talk at church on Sunday!
It was only my 3rd on my mission.
I was very blessed to only give 3.
I know missionaries who have to give a ton.
I hate speaking in public.
So it was a major blessing to me.
It was probably the best of the 3 I've given.
Because I only had 7 minutes when I got up!
I was so worried to be the closing speaker.
But everyone else took up so much time.
Major major blessing.

How is yall's missionary work going?
If you haven't gotten a chance to read
the June Ensign you should read the talk
"That We May Rejoice Together."
It is super good.
I used part of it in my talk as well.
And Elder Ballard's "Following Up"
talk from last conference.
We have some great counsel on our hands!
I have never loved the Ensign so much!

I hope yall have a fantastic week!
Only 5 more weeks until I grace
you with my presence:)

Sister Hubmann

1. I eat corn out of a bowl now, just like old times!
2. And I eat popcorn while I email.
I guess I haven't really changed in
the temporal department.