Saturday, June 28, 2014

40 days and 40 nights.

How is everyone doing?
Can you believe it's only 40 days?
Time goes by faster and faster.
And faster.
I don't like it.

This week was interesting.
Our investigator, Jim, has really been struggling.
Keep him in your prayers!
We had a really good lesson with him.
And then he's now fallen off the face of the planet.
He needs lots of prayers right now!!
We keep trying to get in contact with him.
Until that happens,
lots and lots of prayers are going up from us.

He's the referral we received.
We've been sending him scripture texts
until we can meet with him Saturday.
So hopefully he's liking those.
And hopefully I'll have something
great to say about that lesson on Monday!

They are a PMF.
We are hoping for good results there.
They used to always talk on the doorstep.
But now they feed us dinner!
They are a really awesome family!
I love them.
Loud, just like ours:)

Billy Johnston.
He's super nice.
We asked him to take the lessons.
And he was good at dodging our questions.
But we're going to keep after him.
It might not be until his wife passes away
that he joins the church.
She's not in the best condition.
But he takes such good care of her.
I hope I find someone(in a long time)
that will take as good of care of me
as he does her!
They've been married 61 years
and are adorable.

We've been through the whole area book.
And not much success there.
But we're working hard and hitting the pavement.
We're going to start tracting a bit this week.
Cross your fingers!
For success and us not dying of heat stroke!

Yesterday was the best worst day ever.
My last transfer meeting.
We were driving there,
following the other sisters because
their bike was sketchily put on their bike rack.
And it almost fell off....on the freeway.
But we got them pulled over in time.
Strapped it on a little better.
And proceeded forth.
We made it there alive and so did the bike!
I got to see all the people I love.
But it's so sad that I won't see lots of them
for a really long time and never as a missionary again.
It is so crazy how fast this time has flown!
But I am working hard until the end!
You can't stop me!

I love yall to the moon and back!
Have a great week!

Love you!
Sister Hubmann

I have so many....
I'll send just a few!

1. Fixing the bike.
2. Zone leaders. Thorne and Bumgarner!
3. My posterity! We're missing 2 sisters.
But aren't they adorable?
4. Sister Crandall, me, and the Holmes! They were with us when we were in Larkspur and when Sister Mayne and I were in Cave Creek.
5. Me and Sister Schrecengost!
6. Sister Crandall!
7. Sister Rudy!

16 June 2014

Hey family!!!
The big 5-0!
I hope yall have a great one!
Transfers are your birthday.
So I won't get to write again before then.

This will be short since I got
a little bad.

We got to go to the temple this week!
That was such a major blessing.
I loved getting to go:)
I got to say goodbye to some
people just in case they don't
make it to transfers next week.
Nothing on transfers yet.
I think I'll be staying here,
but nothing is 100% until Saturday.
Sister Isert and I will probably be
together as well.

We have been making
family mission plans with
lots of families still.
So that's been a lot of my week.

We got a referral last monday.
And we contacted him,
which was exciting since he was
super willing to meet.
His name is Chris Avery.
Then we are at a lesson with Jim.
And who walks in?
None other than Chris Avery!!
We hadn't met him in person.
And we had no clue that they were friends.
It was the craziest thing 
that has happened in a while!

We had zone meeting on Wednesday.
They changed a lot of things up in the mission.
Lots of small things that will make us better!
It's going to be great!
We watched mormon messages.
Which I LOVE.
We watched Patterns of Light
by Elder Bednar.
It's so good.
If you haven't watched it,
take 10 minutes and watch all 3.

Oh and have you heard 
of Billy Johnston?
He's a pro-golfer.
Or was.
He gave me a painting he made!
I'll attach a picture of it.

I love yall!
Have a great week!
I'll talk you next pday!

Sister Hubmann

1. Best watermelon slice ever!
2. Sister Call after the temple.
3. 3 Feathers!
4. Sister Isert and me at the temple!
5. We had a hair straightening party. It was REALLY hot.
So Sister Isert fanned me. That's what I call a dedicated companion.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello there family!
I am glad yall are doing well.
Please send Aunt Amy my love.
There are so many things happening!
Kyle getting home.
Holly to the temple.
Our family, even with struggles,
is really being blessed right now.

My week here was great!!
Here are my updates.

I've been spelling his name wrong
the whole time....
It's not DeSean...
I got a message from Sister Moser.
It told me the best news.
It was on Saturday!
Unfortunately our battery decided to die.
So we had to get a new one.
By the time we got to the church,
he had already been baptized.
But I got to hear the talk on the Holy Ghost.
And I got to see him!
He looked SOO happy.
Sister Dianne got him church clothes too!
So he was looking pretty sharp!
Sister Moser said he's become much more confident.
And he is stuttering less.
I am so proud of him!
He's making a move to Colorado soon.
It was great to make that step before he leaves.

We taught him the Plan of Salvation.
It was really good!
We brought Brenna with us again.
He didn't come to church again.
We've got to figure out what's holding him back.
He's really dragging his feet on this one.

He just showed up at church a couple weeks ago.
But he wasn't wearing church clothes so he left.
He said he'd be back the next week.
We were really excited.
Then he didn't come.
It was disheartening.
But he came yesterday!!
He said he had to work the Sundays before.
We gave him a tour of the church.
Set up a time to come back.
We're seeing him tonight.

We just got a referral for him today!
We called him and his coworker.
His friend Randy referred him to meet with us.
And he agreed!
He's been doing the Joseph Smith thing.
So when Randy asked him to meet with us,
he said he was interested!
So we'll be meeting with him Saturday!

The Lord has blessed us so much this week.
We were able to do family mission plans
with members from the ward.
And will continue doing them.
It is getting them really excited about missionary work.
Bishop Gale even announced it from the pulpit!

I am so grateful for this time to be a missionary.
I love getting to help others and serve the Lord.

Funny thing:
We got our phone and car to sync
together with our fancy Bluetooth.
So we finally got it to work.
And named our phone "Sister Power."
Now every time we get in the car it says,
"Sister Power is connected."
Legit, right?

I hope yall have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Dashaund and me after his baptism! Thank you to the sisters who crashed our picture.:)
2. Sister Power is connected.
3. I sold my bike to Sister Lords.
My last picture with Pearl!

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Our house! In the middle of our street!"

Hello Kingsport!
Life is good here.
We are frying alive
and loving it.
It's a nice 100 degrees every day.

He is a less active we're working with.
Super nice.
He went less active when he hurt his back.
Curse illnesses to give people good excuses.
We had a really great lesson with him.
You could tell he felt the spirit.
I saw tears in his eyes!
He said he'd be at church
because he couldn't use his back as
an excuse to not come anymore.
But then he didn't come...
We are going to have a talking with him.
We have been taking the bishop's
daughter Brenna with us.
She's awesome and wants to go on a mission.
So we're going to have her help us teach parts
like the Elders did with me.
But I'm giving her more preparation time than they did.
Don't worry, I'm not bitter:)
Those poor elders that had us come with them.
I'm pretty sure I just read straight from PMG.

I went to the doctor for my shoulder this week.
I hurt it 2 months ago
and never went to the doctor,
or told you.
So I'm telling you now!:)
I sprained my rotator cuff
in my right shoulder.
I should be fine by the time I get home.
So no worries there.

Saturday we went to dinner we went
to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a member.
And we got fortune cookies (obviously.)
Mine said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
Oh did that tell my fortune for the night.
We went to do service with 6 elders.
They just needed us to drive 3 of the elders
and wait while they moved this shed
to the other side of the yard.
We are waiting in the car and we get
a phone call asking for us to come help.
So we did.
And instead of just moving this metal shed
to the other side of the yard...
we had to take it out of the yard,
onto the street
(it looked like a little house, thus
"Our house in the middle of our street")
into the side yard,
put it over a 6.5 foot concrete fence,
half of us run around and catch it on the other side,
then the other half SPRINT around to help them get it down.
Difficult. But done. No more worries, right?
We had to put the foundation underneath it...
And most people just have rock yards here.
So we carried it over,
but then we had to push it under the shed while
people held the shed up.
Our 10 minute service project,
took an hour.
It was quite the adventure.
I won't forget it.

Time keeps flying by too quickly.
We have zone conference this week.
Temple trip next week.
I don't like this time flying thing.
But I guess I'll have to roll with the punches.
I made a countdown chart so I can
mentally prepare myself for leaving.
It's pretty cute.
I'll send a picture of it.

I can't believe Elder Fogle is coming home!
I bet the Fogles are so excited.
Send my love their way!

Have a good trip to SC!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann

1. My countdown. I have a little Sister Missionary I move.
2. Our house! We pretended there was a bear.
Missionaries are pretty classy.
3. My fortune!
4. Truer words have never been spoken.