Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WEEK 52. What??

Can you believe I have been gone for a year??
I sure can't!
I keep thinking there's no way it's been a year.
But as I look back on all the 
things that I have done
and all the people I've worked with.
I guess it has been a year.

This past week was awesome!
Sister R and I are officially companions.
Soon to hit our year mark on Thursday!
And we had a baptism on Saturday!
That's right,
got baptized on Saturday!
He's been investigating officially for a year.
But coming to church events for 5 years.
So that was an amazing day!
And he picked me to speak on 
the Holy Ghost at his baptism!
You know how much I hate public speaking.
I mean I took a public speaking
But I think it went okay.
He looked happy, so that's all that matters!

Stephen and Jasmine.
They are Johnny's kids.
We are going to start teaching them this week.
They have been getting more interested.
Which is great!
So we are really happy for that.
Our goal is to have them ready for baptism in March.

Thanks for the Valentine's package!
I haven't gotten to eat much yet.
But I love it!
I am sharing--don't you worry.
Sharing is caring, right?
I just want to say thank you to all the 
people who have sent me packages!
I calculated a rough estimate of all the packages I've gotten.
And it's been something like 23.
So you people are AWESOME!

Yesterday was the worst day of my mission.
Maybe second worst.
But definitely awful.
I had the stomach bug.
And baaaaaaaaaaaad at that.
I threw up for TWELVE HOURS.
It was pretty miserable.
You want to sleep,
but your stomach hurts too bad to sleep.
So we'll be taking it easy this next couple days.
I received a Priesthood blessing though,
and that made all the difference.
I attribute being well enough to get out of
the apartment to that.
Thank you Elder Hawes.

Oh and best part of the week.
Johnny got baptized, right?
So he was running late to church on Sunday.
And he ends up sending us a text saying
that they weren't coming to church.
And we are FREEEAKING out.
Because he was supposed to get confirmed!!
We asked why and he said they were too busy.
So we get up to leave sacrament and call him.
And guess who was sitting in the back row?
Johnny, Jasmine, and Stephen.
He got us GOOD.
We were freaking out.
And we sent a text to Brother Merrell on the stand
saying he wouldn't be there.
And he was sitting in the back the whole time!

We have a fireside this weekend I am pretty excited about.
It's going to be Stephanie and Pancho Meyer.
And President Sweeney.
Yes, the Twilight author.
She's talking about her faith.
It's going to be pretty cool!
I miss them.
Well Pancho at least,
he was in one of the wards I served in last summer.
His wife was in their summer home the whole time I was there.
But they are good people!
So it's going to be a great fireside!

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Johnny's baptism!
2. My bike sisters! Sisters Lee and Lords.
I love them. Sister Lords is new to the field this transfer.
And I love her. She craaaacks me UP.
3. My package! I have named the monkey Alberto. 
4. Tennessee outfit--check the socks. Thank ya for those:)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

19 February 2014

Hey Family!!
Sorry I didn't tell you transfers was happening.
But PDAY is today instead of Monday!
So there, you know now:)

Sister Fisher sadly left me.
I stayed in the same place again!
Second time.
It's crazy!
Sister Rasmussen is my companion.
After 6 months of being roommates,
we're companions now.
It's so weird because she's 
the first companion I've really known
before we became companions.
But we are both really excited!
We'll hit our year mark together too.
So that's pretty cool!

Johnny Garcia.
Is getting baptized this Saturday!!
We are so excited for him!
I can't believe his time is finally here!
He's been investigating for a year,
so it's very exciting!
We're also going to start teaching
his kids as well soon!
Next week hopefully.

Robert Soldier.
Sadly we weren't able to meet with
him all last week.
So we don't think he'll be ready for Saturday.
We're going to set a new date with him tonight.
It's going to be in a member's home as well!
Which is great,
because most of our lessons have been outside.

I love them.
They are hilarious.
And great.
They have a beagle.
And just got a basset hound!
So lots of good memories.
Good ole Buddy and Droopy.
Anyways, not about their dogs.
They are an awesome family.
They have cute little boys.
And we are visiting a couple days a week.
I love it.

The night before transfers.
We got to go out with the greenies!
And who was among them?
Sister Call!
I was able to go and street contact with her!
She is such an awesome missionary already!
It was a blast.
It was so weird to see her as missionary Sister Call!
She's in my zone!
So even though I didn't get to train her,
I am her Sister Training Leader.
So it's going to be a great transfer.

That's pretty much all the exciting news from my life.
That and I've been out a year next Thursday...
Time flies so fast!

Well I love yall!
Have a great week!

Sister Hubmann

1. Sister Call on her first day!
2. Zone leaders Hansen and Groneman.
Elder Hansen tends to ruin any picture possible.
3. Sister Sanchez! From my FIRST area! We were at the Mission Office for a baptism interview. And the people going home were there. Sister Sanchez left:( Why the poptarts? I gave her poptarts for the very first time! That and pizza rolls. I am going to miss her! She's made me such a good missionary!
4. Did I send a picture of this already?
It's the shirt that Brother Willis (in Taylor) gave me!
5. I'll miss my Sister Fisher!
6. Coronado Sisters! Lee, Rasmussen, me, and Fisher!
7. Sister R and me, finally companions!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 February 2014

Hey Family!
Things are going well here.
The usual.

So I almost got arrested this week.
They were searching for me.
Not really.
But we did get the cops called on us.
We decided that we were going to buy
some sidewalk chalk and use it to find people!
Someone stopped us and said that we
could do what we wanted,
but we were breaking the law.
So we had a lawyer member look it up.
And he said we're fine as long as it isn't on walls.
So we should be good!
I'll let you know if I get booked.

And we went to the zoo!!
I can't believe I haven't been since 1st grade.
It was a blast.
We had like 20 missionaries that went.
It was so much fun.
I almost fed a Giraffe.
I should've done it.
Next time!

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Entin.
And I met someone who was Sister Harris' companion.
Her maiden name was Bachelor.
So that was pretty cool.
It's a small world after all.

Oh and Sister Entin is awesome.
I loved going on exchanges with her.
It was a blast.
We were on bikes in her area.
I miss my bike!
I like to convenience of having a car
to take to meetings.
But I love my bike.
It is so much easier to stop and
talk to people on the street that way.
I met someone from England doing it!
We went fishing with them!
I will send a picture of that one.

We met him.
He's a real nice guy.
He's homeless.
And we are hoping to teach him.
So that would be really great.

Robert Soldier.
He's supposed to get baptized next week.
But I don't think he'll end up getting baptized then.
We're not sure he's truly converted yet,
and we don't want him to commit before he's ready!
It's a big commitment to make.
So we're definitely praying about that one.

Johnny Garcia.
He is progressing well.
We met with him once.
And then went to the VC in Mesa.
Which was awesome.
I got to see Sister Brown,
who I came out with into the field.
And Sister Hamstead,
who I went out with my first night!
It was JUST what I needed:)
We watched the Testaments
and a video called
God's Plan For His Family.
Which makes me cry every time.
Because the grandpa dies--spoiler alert.
So it kind of hits the spot there.

All in all.
It has been a great week!
Hope your week was great:)

Sister Hubmann


1. Zoo!
2. Sister Training Leaders!
3. The group! (I'm not in it. I took the picture)
4. Turtle!
5. Missionaries are goofballs too. You think we'll mature. We don't.
6. Sister Entin
7. Mike! Sister Crandall and I TTI'd him and he ended up being a member. And now he's active again! How awesome is that?? He helped at the MLC lunch.

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 February 2014

Hello, hello, hello!
How is everyone doing today?
Enjoying the cold for me?
I shouldn't say that.
I'll get sent up to the mountains
in a couple weeks since I rubbed it in.
Transfers are already coming up!
I can't believe how fast time is flying!
I keep thinking it will slow down,
but it only keeps getting faster.
I only have like 3.5 transfers left!
Pretty crazy stuff.
But I am loving every minute of it.
No need to worry about that:)

This week was a good one.
Then again, they all are.

Robert Soldier.
He has a date for February 22.
We are really excited for him!
We met with him a couple times this week.
He came to church and went to the 
break the fast with the stake singles group.
He is progressing very nicely.
So close to baptism!

Shauna and David.
David is skeptical I think.
He doesn't want to join.
But he is so interested.
So we need to get him a little more interested!
To the point of wanting to join.
We just know it will bless his life so much,
so we want him to decide to keep learning.
Shauna just got her patriarchal blessing on Sunday.
She LOVED it.
So that is really awesome.

Johnny Garcia.
He is still at his wall.
He needs to hop over it!
We've given him a trampoline,
he just needs to jump over!
So pray for him.
His daughter is okay if he gets baptized.
Which I think he was worried about it.
So hopefully it will get better.

And finally.
My remixed song.
It goes to the song,
Ain't No Rest For the Wicked.
It kept getting stuck in my head,
so I thought that I would remix the words.
So when it came into my head,
it would be mission related.
So here we go:
"Ain't no rest for the righteous.
Salvation don't grow on trees.
We got souls to save.
We got spirits to feed.
And no one ever really wants to read.
I can't go home.
I won't go home.
You know I never would.
There aren't no rest for the righteous,
Until the coming of our Lord."

I am editing of course.
But that's what I have right now.
It's a fun spare time thing.
Whenever I do have it...

And we got to hike Camelback again today!
I love hiking.
Gonna have to do it more when I get home.
It was a blast.
We went with most of the zone.
All except 4 sisters.

That's all for this week!
Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. was of the sunrise when we were going down.
3. More hiking.
4. Most of our District at the top. E. Miller(in the back), E. Clark(behind me), E. Andersen(next to me), Sister Carroll(next to me) and Sister Fairbanks (on the end.)E. Orme 
5. Scottsdale missionaries!!
6. This bike got all kinds of parts stolen...