Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WEEK 52. What??

Can you believe I have been gone for a year??
I sure can't!
I keep thinking there's no way it's been a year.
But as I look back on all the 
things that I have done
and all the people I've worked with.
I guess it has been a year.

This past week was awesome!
Sister R and I are officially companions.
Soon to hit our year mark on Thursday!
And we had a baptism on Saturday!
That's right,
got baptized on Saturday!
He's been investigating officially for a year.
But coming to church events for 5 years.
So that was an amazing day!
And he picked me to speak on 
the Holy Ghost at his baptism!
You know how much I hate public speaking.
I mean I took a public speaking
But I think it went okay.
He looked happy, so that's all that matters!

Stephen and Jasmine.
They are Johnny's kids.
We are going to start teaching them this week.
They have been getting more interested.
Which is great!
So we are really happy for that.
Our goal is to have them ready for baptism in March.

Thanks for the Valentine's package!
I haven't gotten to eat much yet.
But I love it!
I am sharing--don't you worry.
Sharing is caring, right?
I just want to say thank you to all the 
people who have sent me packages!
I calculated a rough estimate of all the packages I've gotten.
And it's been something like 23.
So you people are AWESOME!

Yesterday was the worst day of my mission.
Maybe second worst.
But definitely awful.
I had the stomach bug.
And baaaaaaaaaaaad at that.
I threw up for TWELVE HOURS.
It was pretty miserable.
You want to sleep,
but your stomach hurts too bad to sleep.
So we'll be taking it easy this next couple days.
I received a Priesthood blessing though,
and that made all the difference.
I attribute being well enough to get out of
the apartment to that.
Thank you Elder Hawes.

Oh and best part of the week.
Johnny got baptized, right?
So he was running late to church on Sunday.
And he ends up sending us a text saying
that they weren't coming to church.
And we are FREEEAKING out.
Because he was supposed to get confirmed!!
We asked why and he said they were too busy.
So we get up to leave sacrament and call him.
And guess who was sitting in the back row?
Johnny, Jasmine, and Stephen.
He got us GOOD.
We were freaking out.
And we sent a text to Brother Merrell on the stand
saying he wouldn't be there.
And he was sitting in the back the whole time!

We have a fireside this weekend I am pretty excited about.
It's going to be Stephanie and Pancho Meyer.
And President Sweeney.
Yes, the Twilight author.
She's talking about her faith.
It's going to be pretty cool!
I miss them.
Well Pancho at least,
he was in one of the wards I served in last summer.
His wife was in their summer home the whole time I was there.
But they are good people!
So it's going to be a great fireside!

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Johnny's baptism!
2. My bike sisters! Sisters Lee and Lords.
I love them. Sister Lords is new to the field this transfer.
And I love her. She craaaacks me UP.
3. My package! I have named the monkey Alberto. 
4. Tennessee outfit--check the socks. Thank ya for those:)

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