Monday, February 3, 2014

3 February 2014

Hello, hello, hello!
How is everyone doing today?
Enjoying the cold for me?
I shouldn't say that.
I'll get sent up to the mountains
in a couple weeks since I rubbed it in.
Transfers are already coming up!
I can't believe how fast time is flying!
I keep thinking it will slow down,
but it only keeps getting faster.
I only have like 3.5 transfers left!
Pretty crazy stuff.
But I am loving every minute of it.
No need to worry about that:)

This week was a good one.
Then again, they all are.

Robert Soldier.
He has a date for February 22.
We are really excited for him!
We met with him a couple times this week.
He came to church and went to the 
break the fast with the stake singles group.
He is progressing very nicely.
So close to baptism!

Shauna and David.
David is skeptical I think.
He doesn't want to join.
But he is so interested.
So we need to get him a little more interested!
To the point of wanting to join.
We just know it will bless his life so much,
so we want him to decide to keep learning.
Shauna just got her patriarchal blessing on Sunday.
She LOVED it.
So that is really awesome.

Johnny Garcia.
He is still at his wall.
He needs to hop over it!
We've given him a trampoline,
he just needs to jump over!
So pray for him.
His daughter is okay if he gets baptized.
Which I think he was worried about it.
So hopefully it will get better.

And finally.
My remixed song.
It goes to the song,
Ain't No Rest For the Wicked.
It kept getting stuck in my head,
so I thought that I would remix the words.
So when it came into my head,
it would be mission related.
So here we go:
"Ain't no rest for the righteous.
Salvation don't grow on trees.
We got souls to save.
We got spirits to feed.
And no one ever really wants to read.
I can't go home.
I won't go home.
You know I never would.
There aren't no rest for the righteous,
Until the coming of our Lord."

I am editing of course.
But that's what I have right now.
It's a fun spare time thing.
Whenever I do have it...

And we got to hike Camelback again today!
I love hiking.
Gonna have to do it more when I get home.
It was a blast.
We went with most of the zone.
All except 4 sisters.

That's all for this week!
Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. was of the sunrise when we were going down.
3. More hiking.
4. Most of our District at the top. E. Miller(in the back), E. Clark(behind me), E. Andersen(next to me), Sister Carroll(next to me) and Sister Fairbanks (on the end.)E. Orme 
5. Scottsdale missionaries!!
6. This bike got all kinds of parts stolen...

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