Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The most disgusting thing of my life!

Hey Family!
How are things going for you?
Things are pretty good here.
It's nice and warm here.
Don't worry, 
I will enjoy it for all you people
who are freezing to death.
At least you got some snow!
When I was in Taylor it only snowed once.
If it's going to be cold.
I want there to be snow.
Things this week.

Shauna and David.
She is a LA and he is kind of an investigator.
We went to the open house with them!
It was really good!
Shauna loved it.
She was crying while we watched 
the intro movie to the tour.
The built a brand new stake center
right next door when they built the temple.

We got to meet with him a couple times.
He has kind of hit a standstill.
We haven't taught him everything yet.
But he is hindering his own progression.
He has to be willing to make that step of faith.
He really wants his children to join too.
But they aren't really interested.
So we'll see if he lets that hold him back.
He's been pretty sick.
Just called and said he was in the hospital yesterday,
which is why he didn't make it to church.
We asked to pray about his baptism date.
So hopefully he has a date in mind when
we meet with him on Wednesday.

Robert Soldier.
He is an interesting man.
He told a member yesterday he wants to 
get baptized on February 22nd.
So we will see what goes on there.
We have a lesson with him tonight.
So we are excited for that!

Lane family.
They kind of dropped out of the sky.
A sister that used to serve here
referred them to us.
So we stopped by.
He is LA and she's not a member.
She was super open and it was awesome.
We set up a time to come back.
When we came back there was a wall up.
One that wasn't there before.
We think she's having some really hard times with her family.
So whatever is hopefully it will be taken care of soon.
Because she is so ready to be baptized!

This morning.
Sister R and I went to hike this morning.
Originally our zone was supposed to go.
But they bailed out because one elder couldn't go.
So we decided we would leave our
companions behind and go.
It was a blast.

And now.
For the most disgusting thing of my life.
Dinner. Last night.
We went to the house.
And there were cockroaches.
On the ceiling, floor, walls, counters,
I almost threw up.
Several times.
I think there was a reason I was sent stateside.
And it's because I was not meant to have
cockroaches in my food.
And we still ate it.
I tried to pick the parts that might not have
had them in it.
We talked to the mission president's wife.
She said that we are to never eat there again.
The poor man.
You could tell he felt bad.
He had his wife with dementia
he was trying to take care of.
It was sad.
I think we are going to write him a thank you note.
So he will know we appreciated it.

All in all, the missionary work is going great here!
I love you all and appreciate everything you do for me!
Have a great week!

Sister Hubmann
1. Scottsdale from Cambelback
2. Hiking Camelback!
3. Sister R and I
4. I'm on top of the world! (Notice the world on the rock.)
5. Gilbert Temple!

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