Thursday, January 9, 2014


How is everyone doing today?
I am really excited for this weather
that is happening right now.
I am back down in the valley.
And loving it.
I do miss Taylor already,
but the Lord needed me here.
So I can't dwell on it!
I am going to love this area,
I can feel it.
We are so excited and ready
for the miracles to start happening!

Sister Fisher.
My companion.
She is from Canada.
She's been out about 3 months.
She came out with Sister Evans.
Been in this area her whole mission.

Saying goodbye to them was
the hardest things ever.
Brother Willis has this shirt that says
"I have the body of a God"
and has Buddha on it.
I told him that when I left I wanted
the last picture I took with him 
to be him wearing that shirt.
And he wasn't wearing it....
because he GAVE IT TO ME!
Seriously. I almost cried.
It's his favorite shirt.
And he gave it to me.
I've worn it a thousand times already.
It swallows me whole,
but I'm okay with it. 

He walked into church.
And stayed for all 3 hours!
We went and taught him the first 2 lessons.
And invited him to baptism!
And he accepted.
Golden, I tell you.
And I got transferred,
but they are going to do great with him!

Crazy day.
I was in the middle of packing.
And trying to visit people.
And packing some more.
It was a pretty crazy day.
I finally got packed though!
I got to stay at Sister Wynn's house too.
Which made everything worth it.
For sure.
Sister Rasmussen and I came down together.
We left our companions up in the mountains
and sent their new ones up with the car.
It was a really fun ride down.
I love her.
And guess what??
We still live together!
We cover the same ward.
She covers the bike half and I cover the car half.
I was hoping to be on bike.
But we bike sometimes.
So I have that new bike bell on!
Don't yall worry about that.
It is on and going to be in use tomorrow morning.

Cornado seems great!
I am excited to serve here.
It is going to be interesting for sure.
But I love it.
Missions are a party,
that's for sure.
Don't worry, we get work done too!
Not just a big girls' camp mom;)

Life is great here!
And everyone is constantly reminding me 
that I don't have tons of time left.
It kind of makes me hate them for a second.
But then I realize,
everything has to end sometime, right?
So I am making the best of the time I have!

I love yall!
And I hope you have a great week!

Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Sister Fisher!
2. Look who I found on the wall!!!--make sure she sees this!
3. Last picture with Sister Evans!
4. It says they'll miss me:)
5. Sister Rasmussen and I sharing skirts!
6. The Littles--I love them.
7. I went down a firepole at Eli's last lesson.
May have had a mental breakdown...
8. The Ballards' had Madison blessed Sunday!

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