Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Well this past week has been crazy.
Sister Mayne and I were freaking out,
pretty much all week about transfer news.
We had it confirmed to us Tuesday night
that our area was getting split.
So we weren't sure what was going to happen.
We somehow got through the week
and at 3:30 on Saturday, President called.
I answered and he told me,
"Congratulations Sister Hubmann, you're going
to be training a brand new missionary!"
At first I was like, "Yeahh, I got this."
And that attitude of me being confident
stayed for a couple days
Then we got into training meeting on yesterday.
And I was like, "HOLY CRAP. How am I going to do this?!?"
That is still with me today.
But I know the Lord helps the people he calls.
So I can do this.
I did get transferred again.
I am now serving in the Larkspur ward.
We met the bishop last night.
He is pretty nice.
So we're excited.

We are actually still in a trio until Saturday.
Poor Sister Mayne's companion was sick
and didn't make it down to AZ.
She is going to get a visa waiter Saturday.
So we're going back in forth between our 2 areas
until she gets her new companion.
Which actually turns out well since
Tamra's baptism is Saturday!!!
So I will get to go 100% for sure now.
She is so excited for her baptism.
It's really great.
You can tell she really wants it for her.
We are meeting with her 2 more times before Saturday
to finish up teaching her the rest of what she needs to know.
So it's all super exciting!

New companion.
Sister Crandall.
She's the cutest.
Everyone be jealous.
She's from right around Rexburg.
We know a couple of the same people
since she's lived their forever and I went to BYUI.
It's cool that we already have some connection.
I'm excited for it to be Saturday, so that she can I can 
get into the new area and really start her training.

Here's the thing.
I got a brand new car.
Well the Lord got a brand new car,
and he's letting me borrow it.
But it's super scary.
Because I don't want anything bad to happen to it.
I am talking this car had 15 miles on it when I got it.
This is the newest car I've ever driven.
It's funny because any time even a leaf gets on it,
one of us is hitting it off.
It's a Chevy Cruze. 
I like it a lot,
but I miss my truck a little bit.

The night before transfers they have some of 
the greenies come out with the missionaries who
have been out for a while(How is that me? I just came out yesterday I swear.)
We got a pretty awesome sister.
Her name was Sister Andrus.
We had to split up from Sister Mayne,
because we had 2 different FHEs.
Sister Andrus and I went and taught Briar.
He knows a lot already. 
I mean this kid has read the Bible by himself.
He's a smartie.
So it went really well.
I was afraid she wasn't going to talk.
And she didn't until the very end of the lesson.
But she had stories and a wonderful testimony.
So I know she's going to be a good missionary for sure.

Still no word from Kendall on lessons.
She said that she had to postpone, but she was at church.
So that was good to be able to see her there.
I keep praying that Sister Mayne and her new companion
will be able to meet with her again soon.

We're not sure what's going to happen with William.
He was in the ward that got it's own set of missionaries.
But we told them about him and his wife.
So we are hoping that they are able to meet with him soon.

I know the Lord has a plan for each of us.
President at transfer meeting said,
"The Lord knew you would answer the call to serve,
where you would serve,
and who your companions would be.
You aren't here by chance."
I really loved that because the Lord knows us.
If nothing else that is something I've learned from my mission.
Times life may seem hard, but he's always there.
We just have to pray.
We have to choose to ask for his help.
He would never do anything to lead us astray.
Trials are hard for sure.
But like it says in 1 Nephi 3:7,
the Lord won't give us a task if we can't accomplish it.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Love you tons!
Sister Hubmann

1. I'm a spiritual gangster.
2.My district!
3. Zone leaders Clark and Kinghorn.
4.Me and the super cute senior couple the Holmes.
5. Soaking wet from the monsoons.
6. Delicious fry bread. Thank you Indian Village.
7. With Maura!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Why hello there!
This week has been amazing
to say the least.
We got to go on exchanges.
Which are actually really great.
Our training sister was Sister Arevalo.
She's from El Salvador.
She came out with us and helped us
learn how we can better serve those around us.
She got to go out with us one day where we met William.
He is the man.
The elders had met with him once before.
So we thought we'd contact him again.
We went and we got to teach him.
For a solid hour and a half.
The Spirit was so strong.
He never learned about the Book of Mormon.
And he thought for sure it was true,
and he hadn't even read it yet!!
He didn't think God would leave some people
in the dark, while others had the gospel.
His favorite part was modern day prophets.
He loved the fact that we have
here today.
We told him,
"We believe that we have a prophet here
again on the earth."
His response was,
"Really? Who is it? Do you know where he is?"
And we were like "Yeah we do! His name is Thomas S. Monson."
In which he repeated to himself,
"Thomas S. Monson. WOW."
So we are really excited to meet with him again
this time with his wife.
He thinks she'd be interested as well.
This week was a little tough because
Sister Mayne got sick.
Her stomach had been hurting for a couple days.
But then full force Wednesday night the pain came.
We ended up going to the ER around 11.
We were there and then went to get her some medicine
and got home around 2:30.
It was crazy.
I had never had to take anyone to the ER before.
I'm okay if I don't have to do it again.
We ended up staying in for a few days so that
she could get back to full health.
Man, I tell you that stomach bug is nasty.
Thank you immune system for keeping me healthy.
Knocking on wood as we speak, don't worry.
I got my new camera this week!
I took more pictures last Monday than
I had the whole transfer.
It does this panorama
and is all fancy and awesome.
And it's BLUE.
Not my usual silver.
So needless to say I am very pleased.
You da best.
So transfers are next week.
I find out this Saturday if I get transferred.
But our transfers will be on Tuesdays from now on.
So they are changing our pdays
to Wednesdays during transfer weeks.
So don't be alarmed when you don't get an email
from me next Monday.
I promise I'm fine :)
Yesterday at church we were talking to
some people in the RS room.
And this man came up to us and was like,
"Hey Sisters, how are you?"
He then proceeded to say that he thought he
had met Sister Mayne before, but not me.
We've never been separated.
So if he'd met her, he'd met me.
That's the last time I straighten my hair.
Another lady told me she almost thought I was new as well.
We saw a havelina this week!
Not really sure how to spell it.
But it's a big ugly pig.
We also saw a coyote.
And an eagle.
This week was exciting to say the least.
Tamra is still set to get baptized next week.
We are really excited.
She's a little upset because since transfers
is happening we might not both be there.
But we'll see.
If I get transferred,
I'll do everything I can to be back for it.
Please pray for Kendall.
We were supposed to meet with her this week.
But he parents flipped out about the church last night,
so she's postponing lessons with us until she
can figure out what she should do.
We really think she's ready and she is.
We just need her parents to get on board with it.
So she needs all the prayers she can get right now.
I love y'all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Me on the top of the world! Not really, but it's pretty far up north in our area.
2.Sister Mayne, Sister Arevalo, and I.
3. Panorama of the mountain!
4. Havelina!
5.We biked this week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey Family!
This week was really awesome.
First and foremost.
I am so excited.
She is really great.
She's been coming to church since she was 12.
But her Dad made her wait until she was 18.
And now she's getting baptized on July 27th!
I am hoping if I get transfered I will stay close
enough to be able to go to her baptism.

In other news.
I killed my first animal a couple days ago.
That poor little prarie dog didn't even know
what was coming.
It darted right under the truck...
we flipped around to see if I killed it.
Suuuuuuper dead.
I felt SOOOOO bad.
I guess the mission does bring
some new experiences.
We went to this cool place called Indian Village.
Not to be confused with Village Inn.
(I keep calling it that)
It is super cool.
It's a taco shop and a store.
It has some really cool stuff that
is this area's culture.
So maybe I'll get something from there.
The owner isn't Mormon.
But we're working on it.
He's our WML's friend,
so it'll happen eventually, I know it.
We went to this couple's house that you
have to step over a fence to get to their door.
I obviously mastered getting over it the first time we stopped by.
But this past time, Sister Mayne and I
stepped over it the same time.
So I was closer to their cacti.
And this sister hit her hand straight into some cacti.
It was not fun.
No major injuries though,
so no need to fret.
It just itched.
Our district leader came up to us last week
and said "Oh we found some soap for you!"
We'll bring it the next time I see you.
His companion was like "oh the fruit one?"
And he was like "No, that one smells like girl.
It's the one that smells like sister."
Sister Mayne and I say okay and get in the car and leave.
When we're driving home I tell her,
"Sister Mayne, I guarentee that soap smells like old lady.
If there's a difference between girl and sister, we're the old lady smell."
Sure enough he brings us the soap.
And it totally smells like Sister.
He'll never live it down.
I can't believe we smell like Old Women now.
This week we also got to meet President Sweeney (officially!)
He is so awesome.
Seriously I love them already.
They really care about us, which is great.
Because we don't even really know them yet.
But he and his wife both interviewed us and it was great.
Sister Sweetey is the best.
She told me more about the Facebook stuff.
So I'm interested to see when that starts up.
We took a picture with them,
I'm not sure if it got sent to you or not.
If it didn't, I'll have the senior couple send me their copy.
Oh they have a blog y'all can look at.
Something close to that at least.
I hope y'all have a great week!
I love you tons!
Sister Hubmann
1. Me with the "Walking Cactus"
3. The potatoes were from Idaho Falls!
4. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! We only got to see one firework.
5. Poptarts are evil. I totally thought I was buying 4th of July poptarts. False. They were poptarts from the summer olympics....touche poptarts.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey Family!
I am officially in the Scottsdale Mission as of today.
It's weird to just wake up and being in a new mission.
I mean I didn't move or anything.
President Sweeney is AMAZING.
We got to meet him before everyone else.
Well except the APs.
Sister Sweetey is amazing as well.
Yes, I do call her Sister Sweetey.
You can see it in her face.
I was calling her that before I even met her.
The first official time we meet them will be on Wednesday.
Which reminds me.
Transfers are the 22nd, which is a Monday.
So that week I will have
Preparation Day on Wednesday.
They changed transfers so that we wouldn't be
on the same transfer schedule as the Mesa Mission.
Last night there was a dust storm.
We really wanted to go out in it.
We only considered doing it for a second,
since it was past the time we're supposed to be inside.

But we shortly after got a text from the APs
saying that we were allowed to stay inside.
Such a kind way of saying it I suppose.
So apparently I talk in my sleep these days.
I knew I did it when I was younger.
But all of my college roommates
must have been deep sleepers.
Because I apparently talk in my sleep
at least 3 times a week.
I sometimes wake myself up talking.
Apparently I sit up and talk to Sister Mayne.
I did it last night.
And she was like "You're doing it again."
Apparently I denied it.
I said that I just had to go to the bathroom,
and then I laid back down.
My poor companion.
It got to be 118 degrees this week.

Which was crazy.
Apparently it got up to 119,
but we must have been in someone's house for that.
I think it's just going to get hotter.
So that's CRAZY.
We'll see though.
The heat isn't too bad.
I mean I feel like once it hits 105,
it's just all the same.
You don't get used to the heat,
you just get used to being sweaty.
We found out there is a Five Guys in our zone.
So guess where we're going to lunch!
So much for my losing weight.
We have started going to the gym every day
since I stepped on a scale last week.
I made it happen.
Hopefully some running will get this weight off.
Yesterday Maura came out with us!
It was super cool.
She was totally making us seem like normal people.
We need that for sure.
A lot of people think we're crazy,
so it's nice to take people out with us sometimes.
While we were driving we saw a dead snake.
She stopped the car and PICKED IT UP.
I took a picture of her with it, so I'll attach that.
In wonderful news!
We got 2 new investigators.
They are both 18 and amazing.
We have set a couple soft dates for the 13th and the 20th.
So we are really excited!
Because if they both get baptized then we will
be able to be there for both of them.
It is amazing to see the gospel touch these people's lives.
Kendall seemed really interested by the fact that we believe
we have prophets on the earth today.
I love getting to see them learn.
The girl who comes with us to Kendall's lesson is amazing.
She recently got baptized and she
has an amazing testimony.
And she's 18 as well,
so she relates very well.
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann