Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey Family!
I am officially in the Scottsdale Mission as of today.
It's weird to just wake up and being in a new mission.
I mean I didn't move or anything.
President Sweeney is AMAZING.
We got to meet him before everyone else.
Well except the APs.
Sister Sweetey is amazing as well.
Yes, I do call her Sister Sweetey.
You can see it in her face.
I was calling her that before I even met her.
The first official time we meet them will be on Wednesday.
Which reminds me.
Transfers are the 22nd, which is a Monday.
So that week I will have
Preparation Day on Wednesday.
They changed transfers so that we wouldn't be
on the same transfer schedule as the Mesa Mission.
Last night there was a dust storm.
We really wanted to go out in it.
We only considered doing it for a second,
since it was past the time we're supposed to be inside.

But we shortly after got a text from the APs
saying that we were allowed to stay inside.
Such a kind way of saying it I suppose.
So apparently I talk in my sleep these days.
I knew I did it when I was younger.
But all of my college roommates
must have been deep sleepers.
Because I apparently talk in my sleep
at least 3 times a week.
I sometimes wake myself up talking.
Apparently I sit up and talk to Sister Mayne.
I did it last night.
And she was like "You're doing it again."
Apparently I denied it.
I said that I just had to go to the bathroom,
and then I laid back down.
My poor companion.
It got to be 118 degrees this week.

Which was crazy.
Apparently it got up to 119,
but we must have been in someone's house for that.
I think it's just going to get hotter.
So that's CRAZY.
We'll see though.
The heat isn't too bad.
I mean I feel like once it hits 105,
it's just all the same.
You don't get used to the heat,
you just get used to being sweaty.
We found out there is a Five Guys in our zone.
So guess where we're going to lunch!
So much for my losing weight.
We have started going to the gym every day
since I stepped on a scale last week.
I made it happen.
Hopefully some running will get this weight off.
Yesterday Maura came out with us!
It was super cool.
She was totally making us seem like normal people.
We need that for sure.
A lot of people think we're crazy,
so it's nice to take people out with us sometimes.
While we were driving we saw a dead snake.
She stopped the car and PICKED IT UP.
I took a picture of her with it, so I'll attach that.
In wonderful news!
We got 2 new investigators.
They are both 18 and amazing.
We have set a couple soft dates for the 13th and the 20th.
So we are really excited!
Because if they both get baptized then we will
be able to be there for both of them.
It is amazing to see the gospel touch these people's lives.
Kendall seemed really interested by the fact that we believe
we have prophets on the earth today.
I love getting to see them learn.
The girl who comes with us to Kendall's lesson is amazing.
She recently got baptized and she
has an amazing testimony.
And she's 18 as well,
so she relates very well.
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann

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