Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey family!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Did y'all get to watch the broadcast?
It was pretty awesome.
So if you can watch it online,
you should.
If you didn't catch it yesterday.
It sounds like they are going to
make us missionaries more tech saavy.

I did see some sisters at a meeting with an iPad.
So there are some areas here testing it out.
Who knows, maybe we'll get it when the mission splits.
It's so weird to think that this time next week,
I'll be in a new mission.
The work is moving forward!
58 new missions!
So last week was awesome.
We finally got to play district sports.
We played Ultimate Frisbee with a tupperware lid.
We didn't have a frisbee,
so we got creative!
While we were driving to play,
we saw the strangest thing.
We are driving on a road that on
either side is just desert.
We look to the right
and there out of the desert is a man, on a unicyle!
Just taking a nice ride through the desert.
It was one of the oddest things I've ever seen.
We got to go up north-ish this week.
We went north of Cave Creek.
And when it hit 94 degrees,
you better bet we were cruisin' with the windows down.
It got all the way down to 76!
That was the best.
My poor companion had to roll her window up
because she was cold.
Sad to say that 76 is cold here.
While we were up north away from civilization
our low tire light came on.
Here were are in the middle of nowhere,
hoping we make it back into civilization.
We made it back in enough to call the Elder
that's over the cars.
He told us to find a QT
and go to the tire shop in the morning.
I checked the tire pressure and filled up the tires.
Thanks Dad for teaching me something.
In other news,
there are so many missionaries leaving from here.
There has been at least one farwell every Sunday
I've been here.
This week there was 2.
It's amazing the response that is happening
with the age change.
We had what's called a temple excursion this week.
A bunch of missionaries come together
and go to the temple together.
It was so great.
I got to see some people that I won't get
to see again until after my mission
because of the mission split.
It was just an all around great experience.
We got to hear some final words from President and Sister Ellsworth.
Since they're finishing up their mission this week.
I have learned so much from them,
that it's going to be really sad to see them go.
This week I realized carrying around                              
my gallon may not be the most dignified thing.
We walk into dinner and a sister said,
"Is that your water bottle?"
I replied "Yes" and she said,
"Well that's feminine!"
So I decided I maybe should figure something else out.
We'll see.
I hope all is well with y'all.
I love you very much!
Have a spectacular week,
Sista Hubmann

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