Monday, June 3, 2013

I will be serving in the Arizona _________ Mission.

Hey Family!
So something I didn't even say last time.
No longer a greenie!!
Isn't that crazy?
I can't believe it.
Last Monday was actually
my three month mark.

I am getting transferred. Again.
3 transfers.
3 companions.
3 areas.
My new companion will be 
Sister Mayne.
She came out just a transfer
before me.
I will be going up to Payson.
Which means....
We are whitewashing.
I am really nervous about that.
But hey, if the Lord thinks I can do it.
I can do it.
It's so cool being on a mission right now.
We are part of something so big.
Not only am I lucky enough to be 19.
But I also get to be in one of the new
58 missions being created on July 1st.

We made really cool zone shirts.
They look like the green lantern.
I'll send a picture next week.
So we had zone sports one day
(where all missionaries from my area
come together and play some game)
and we were handing out the shirts.
Naturally, I don't feel like carrying 20 shirts.
So I brought my backpack.
While we were playing soccer.
Someone yells.
I look over.
And a dog is peeing on my backpack.......
I have the worst luck in the world.
I had to wash it.
But no worries, it survived the washer.

Yesterday was testimony meeting.
Since I'm getting transferred, I thought I'd go up.
In the middle of my testimony.
I say something so weird.
Like I was praying or something.
It was really embarrassing.
I think I semi-covered it up.
I was just so nervous I didn't know what to say.
And I had to sit on the stand for like
20 minutes before I got to get up.
So all the excellent things I had to say
were completely out of my mind while waiting.
Crossing my fingers no one really noticed.
I'm so embarrassing sometimes.

Every Sunday since I've been here,
they've spelled my name wrong in the program.
First it was Huvmann for 2 weeks.
And then after that it was Hu mann.
It was totally my fault that it didn't
get fixed sooner.
I kept forgetting to tell the poor program lady.
On my last Sunday,
it was spelled correctly. 
I cut it out and put it in my journal.

I'm drinking a gallon of water a day, right?
So sometimes I really have to use the bathroom.
Like bad.
Unfortunately sometimes we talk to people
for a really long time and I'm about to explode.
So multiple times we have had to hurry
to a member's house just to use her bathroom.
Thank your Jackie Taylor.
I also weigh myself on her scale.
I shouldn't do that.
I am pretty sure I'm not going to fit
into any of my clothes here soon.

Last week we biked on the Reservation.
It was going well.
Until we had to go on a bumpier road.
And all 4 of our tires got spurs in them.
So we had to walk our bikes back to the truck.
And Elder Nilsen told us to not ride them anymore.
He put some slime tubes in my tires,
so they should be good from now on.

There are tons of corn fields here.
So I really wanted to run through them like Pocahontas.
I mean who wouldn't?
Desbah told me that if I didn't take a picture
I would regret it.
So I took a picture.
I look exactly like Pocahontas, obviously.

I've been reading the Book of Mormon
these past 2 transfers.
My goal is to finish it every 2 transfers.
It was so amazing to get to read it.
I feel like before my mission I definitely
took it for granted.
Don't be like me.
Don't do it.
Read the Book of Mormon.
Every day.
Read 7 pages a day and you can finish it in 3 months.
That's how long 2 transfers are.
So hopefully I'll be able to finish it 6 times out here.

People are so nice here.
Saturday we went to fill up our jugs of water,
which the place lets us fill up for free.
And while we were there,
this lady bought us ice cream for free!
Today at the grocery store
someone even bought Sister Soifua's groceries.
Arizona is great.
I am so glad I am serving a mission here.
Being a missionary is the best.

I love you all and hope you are have a wonderful week!
-Sista Hubmann

1) Me being Pocahontas.
2) Desbah with that chicken I held before. It's gotten so much bigger!

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