Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey Family!
This week has been an exciting week! 
We have had lots of things going on. 
I am so excited I got to go to the temple. 
I have really missed it. 
We pass by it sometimes when we are running errands, 
but I haven't been able to go in SIX WEEKS. 
So I was having withdrawals. 
That's a good withdrawal to have right? Temple Attendance? 
The temple is so beautiful inside and out. 
It was such a good experience as always. 
But I feel like I always learn something new. 
That is why the temple is so amazing.

P-Day last week? Awesome.
Let's take a trip on the fun train.
We went minigolfing.
Since we technically aren't supposed to keep score
we just goofed off the whole time.
Sister Webb got some really good pictures,
so I'll send some home.
Then from minigolf,
we headed to laser tag.
I think the more I play laser tag
the more I know that if a zombie apocalypse
really did occur, I'd be dead.
I would like to say I would be a last survivor..
But I got like 14/20.

Our zone leader's birthday
was pday too.
So we made him a cake
and took it over that night.
We started to sing happy birthday.
His companion joined in.
And then. We cut it off.
Why you may ask?
Because we rapped the rest.
Yes you read that right.
I beat boxed and my companion rapped.
It was really cool.
Or at least I felt cool.
Because hey,
I've learned to beat box!
Maybe I should have let y'all hear
on Mother's Day.
Maybe Christmas if you remind me.
Because it is that awesome.

On a cool note. We are making
Zone(all of the missionaries in my area) shirts.
Sister Soifua and I got put
in charge of it.
They look pretty cool.
Elder Sims(who also serves on the Res)
made a really cool design.
It looks like green lantern.
Pretty cool, eh?
I'll be sure to send a picture home.
I think we are going to get them tomorrow
or Wednesday.
So that's really exciting.
I feel like I robbed a bank.
I am the one gathering all the money,
so I have a small fortune
until we get the shirts.

On Saturday night we went
and did some service for
one of our investigators.
Her little boy was having his
2nd birthday on Sunday.
So she needed our help
cutting up a bunch of vegetables.
I almost cut my fingers off.
No biggie.
I also cried a lot,
due to onions.

His birthday party was so cute.
We went for a little while
because she really wanted
us to be there.
It was all Cars themed.
He was running around
like a little maniac.
I wasn't surprised. 
He always does that.
At the party there was the
biggest chair that I've ever seen.
Of course I sat in it.
It seriously was so comfortable.
It was a really big camp chair.
I loved it.

One of our investigators,
Ipa and his son Jason,
came to church on Sunday!
It was really exciting.
In class he stood up and introduced
himself and said he really like it here.
He said he wanted to make 
it a habit of coming.
We are teaching our first lesson
with him and his wife Shundeen tonight.

OH! So people have told me
about people they have taught
that they know they told them they would
come find them in this life.
I didn't really know what I thought about that.
I mean I hadn't found anyone yet,
but I think I might have now.
We went to go see one of our new
investigators, Dustin, last night.
When we got there he has been drinking.
He's going through a rough time right now.
His cousin is dying in the hospital.
He's recently lost a lot of people.
He's disabled, so he doesn't get out much.
Only to the senior center, they let him go
since he can't really go anywhere else
and he's not a senior.
We were talking to him,
trying to leave,
and we got to testify about the
Plan of Salvation and relying on the Lord.
After we were done and has set up a time to come back,
he looked straight at me and said,
"Can I ask you a question?"
I said, "Yes of course."
He continued, "Do you promise you'll come back?"
It took everything in me not to start balling there.
I told him yes. Testified again.
And we are going back to see him tomorrow.
I think he's one of my people.

I love y'all very much.
Have a wonderful week.
Sista Hubmann

1. Me with my empty gallons. 
I am now on Day 12 of a gallon a day.
Sister Rudy decided to make an appearance.
2. HUGGGEE chair.

3. Sister Soifua and I in front of the temple.

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