Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey FamBam!

Hey FamBam!
Getting to talk to yall yesterday was wonderful! A nice little booster until Christmas I suppose. It was funny because when I got off of Skype I slipped more back into my sassy, sarcastic self. I most of the time am just nice. Sarcarm doesn't entirely transfer the culture barrier I guess. I just look like a jerk.
Exciting things this week--
1. I got to hold a baby chicken. So. Cute. I was really worried it was going to poop on me though. The member's house we were at--Desbah--was holding it and trying to make it fly. She would kind of toss it in the air and it would flap it's wings. And she did it like 20 times. And guess what? IT POOPED ON HER. Sucker. I thought it would be me but it was her.

2. My companion is Samoan right? Well guess who else is Samoan--Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Guess who is her COUSIN? The Rock! So cool right? Also she's a Princess in Samoa. Her Dad's a High Chief or something like that. Sister Rudy(my roommate who is super similar to me, so clearly she's awesome) and I are having her give us princess names. But we have to be able to serve food the traditional way. It's the test. So I am working on that.

3. I have really missed my bike. Especially this past week. I see it every time we leave the apartment since it sits right next to the door. Soooo we asked a member if we could borrow her bike. And so we have gotten to ride bikes a few times! Sister Rudy and I biked a lot this morning which was fun. We biked next to the canal and it was really nice.
4. Arizona pretty much has the prettiest skies in the world. I freak out every night that we see the sunset.Thank you Emilie Pasche for making me appreciate nature and sunsets. I am pretty sure I'm going to get on my companion's nerves saying it a thousand times, but she just agrees. I have some pictures that don't do the sunset justice that I am going to send with this email.

5. I got Chick-fil-a. YUMMMM.
Our investigator Candice was set for baptism this weekend, but she has cancelled on us a few times recently. So we are going to try to set her to get baptized next weekend. Fingers crossed. She is really amazing. She's like my second mom here. Every time we go to meet with her, she always feeds us. And last night she called while we were in dinner and she wanted us to come over for her Mothers Day dinner. Isn't that so sweet? We went over and it was so good. They call them Pima burgers. It's a burger wrapped in a tortilla. She made them herself. She's pretty much a pro.
Seriously. Being a missionary is the best. People might not always want to talk to us. But it's the people that do that matters. It's when I got to an investigator's house who is clearly super upset and we share a scripture with her and she says we came right when she needed us. We had uplifted her spirits again. Those moments, make all of the moments that aren't fun worth it. I always think of the quote, "I never said it would be easy. I said it would be worth it." And it completely is.
I am trying to finish the Book of Mormon every 2 transfers, or every 3 months so I am have to read 7 pages a say. Unfortunately I decided this half way through last transfer, so I have to read 11 pages a day now. I keep getting behind, so I have to read during lunch sometimes. But it's worth it. I am learning so much. It's really great. Every time I read it I just know that it's true. These were real people--the Native American people. And it's so nice to be able to tell the people here. "This is a record of teh Native Americans--YOUR ANCESTORS!" They love it. They say it's familiar to all of these stories that have been passed down. It's amazing.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sista Hubmann
1. Holding a baby chicken.
2. Realizing I needed to iron my skirt after it was on. Too lazy to take it off. Good thing I had leggings on underneath.
3 Desbah with the chicken.

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