Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I hope y'all are all doing good.

Hey family!

I hope y'all are all doing good. Things are going well here on the Res. I am loving it. We have a bunch of referrals of people to go visit, so we are going to have a busy week ahead of ourselves. We may have gotten 4 new investigators this past week! We got 2 new ones for sure and one of them commited to a baptismal date which is really exciting.

I am not really sure what's happening with Candice. I know she has been having a rough time right now. We were going to talk to her about her baptism date, but our last meeting had a really weird vibe to it. So we decided that talking to her about it maybe wasn't the best idea in the world.

We had a really good visit with an investigator named Anna. Her sister got baptized a few weeks ago and she cried at the baptism. She said, "I'm proud of you sister" right before she went under the water. I know she felt the spirit and she does too. But right now she is really struggling with forgiving herself for her past. So we have invited her to pray to be able to forgive herself and not feel that shame anymore.

We finally got to meet with one of our investigators. Her name is Shundeen. So cool right? I am totally going to name a child that. Anyways. And we were able to meet with her husband Ipa as well. We have had really good timing meeting with her. It's always been right when she needed us to stop by. The timing of our visits with them couldn't have been more perfect. They just got married on the 9th, so we know they would like to stay together. So we are going to start talking about eternal families the next time we meet with them. I am sad we aren't meeting with them this week, but it's understandable because her classes are starting back up this week.She's in nursing school and Ipa works a lot, not to mention they go to wakes and prayer services all the time. So it's a little hard to get ahold of them sometimes.

Oh something that is cool--since I've been here I have driven over 1,000 miles. Soon after I got here the odometer went to 56,000 miles and now it is over 57,000. I took a picture of the momentous occasion.

OHHHH!!! So with all of the new sisters they are letting sisters go on exchanges once a transfer. We don't completely exchange though, if that makes sense. We go into trios. But it's still awesome. I had my first one this past week. Sister Heap came to us and we got to have her here with us. She gave us some good points and I felt like I really was able to learn a lot from her. I was excited that she got to come because she actually came out at the same time as me. So it was nice to see a familiar face. Not that her companion probably isn't great, I was just excited to see her.

On other news. I got super dehydrated last week. Real bad. It was awful. I got a really bad headache and felt like I was going to pass out. I did the test on my arm--if you press your finger down and a mark stays then you are dehydrated. And the mark stayed FOREVER. So I decided that day that I would drink a gallon of water a day. It had been recommended by the mission doctor through Sister Ellsworth, but I hadn't done it. Today is day 6 of me drinking a gallon every day. I am not completely sure how it's going to work out today. With service this morning I got a little behind in my water drinking. I'll have to drink tons the rest of the day.

I hope all is well and I love y'all!
Sista Hubmann

1) Sister Webb and I on her birthday.
2) Sister Webb with the cake we made her.
3) Odometer kicking over to 57,000 miles.

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