Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Hey y'all!

I get to see you this week! It is crazy how that is already here. I honestly can't believe it. Time is just flying by. We get to Skype! Unless the internet starts acting up, then I'll just call. But I will call at 3 my time. So 6 yours. Sorry if that isn't the most convenient, but I think it should be.

I didn't get to go to my investigator's baptism. Our investigator here that was supposed to come with us didn't answer her phone. And none of our other investigators could come either. I cried. It was so upset. I am still a little sad, but hey. Life's gotta move on. And we're rockin' the reservation. We have 13 investigators!! We found 3 just this past week. We are working for a Mircale May!

We went on a hike this morning. It was a blast, even though we had to wake up at 4:30 to go. That was half so we would beat the heat and half so we would get back in time for studies. It was so hot here last week. In the truck it said it was 105. That is so crazy. It's not even summer yet. So y'all better keep your fingers crossed that I don't have a heat stroke or something. This week hasn't really been bad so far though. Only in the 90s.

We went hiking this morning. It's called Camelback. I felt so cool hiking Camelback with my Camelbak. I was so prepared. I was pretty much the soccer mom of the group. I had sunscreen, bug spray, fruit snacks, ibproufen, bandaids, etc. All I needed was some orange slices. Maybe some Capri Suns. I seriously love the Arizona sky. It is amazing. It goes on forever and ever. The sunrise was beautiful this morning while we were hiking.

They put my name on the program this week. So I am excited because people might actually be able to learn my name. Too bad they put "Huvmann" So now everyone will know my name incorrectly. Ah well, something is better than nothing. I keep telling people if Sister Hubcap is easier for them they can call me that. But no one has really done it yet. I feel like the people are warming up to me! One of the YSA sistas that comes out with us a lot gave me these really cool bear claw earrings. I love them. I will have to wear them and send a picture some time. I think we are going to the Native Museum today. So I am really excited to see and learn more about their culture. It is so interesting to me.

News flash! They have Cracker Barrel here. We went there one night last week. I was in HEAVEEEN.  I kept saying how great everything was. And I tried to play the little game with the golf tees. And I am still "plain dumb". 15 years of going there and you think I would have it down, but nope. Not in the least bit. Some kind person paid for all of us missionaries. We went with some of the people from the ward, so there were 6 missionaries there. Isn't that just the nicest thing ever?  Also great news. THEY HAVE CHICK-FIL-A HERE. IN MY AREA. In my last area there was no places to go out to eat. But not here. We got all kinds. And that amazing chicken will be in my belly in the next 2 hours. I am so excited.

You know, being a missionary is the best. I will never for a second regret the decision I made to come out here. It has already changed me a lot and I am so happy for that. I am really learning more about the scriptures every day. I set this goal to finish the Book of Mormon every 2 transfers, so every 3 months. So just on my mission I will get to read it 6 times! I love getting to learn all of these great things. Enos 1:26-27 has got to be my favorite right now. What a great blessing if we do all of the things we need to do and help others come unto Christ as well!

Keep it real. I will talk to y'all on SUNDAY! I still can't believe that's already here. It blows my mind.
Much love,
Sista Hubmann

1-Sister Soifua and I
2-Sister Jones(She serves on the Rez too) and I on our hike this morning.
3-My desk at transfers. So. Much. Stuff. I don't know how I already have that much. 

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