Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey Family!
This week has been an exciting week! 
We have had lots of things going on. 
I am so excited I got to go to the temple. 
I have really missed it. 
We pass by it sometimes when we are running errands, 
but I haven't been able to go in SIX WEEKS. 
So I was having withdrawals. 
That's a good withdrawal to have right? Temple Attendance? 
The temple is so beautiful inside and out. 
It was such a good experience as always. 
But I feel like I always learn something new. 
That is why the temple is so amazing.

P-Day last week? Awesome.
Let's take a trip on the fun train.
We went minigolfing.
Since we technically aren't supposed to keep score
we just goofed off the whole time.
Sister Webb got some really good pictures,
so I'll send some home.
Then from minigolf,
we headed to laser tag.
I think the more I play laser tag
the more I know that if a zombie apocalypse
really did occur, I'd be dead.
I would like to say I would be a last survivor..
But I got like 14/20.

Our zone leader's birthday
was pday too.
So we made him a cake
and took it over that night.
We started to sing happy birthday.
His companion joined in.
And then. We cut it off.
Why you may ask?
Because we rapped the rest.
Yes you read that right.
I beat boxed and my companion rapped.
It was really cool.
Or at least I felt cool.
Because hey,
I've learned to beat box!
Maybe I should have let y'all hear
on Mother's Day.
Maybe Christmas if you remind me.
Because it is that awesome.

On a cool note. We are making
Zone(all of the missionaries in my area) shirts.
Sister Soifua and I got put
in charge of it.
They look pretty cool.
Elder Sims(who also serves on the Res)
made a really cool design.
It looks like green lantern.
Pretty cool, eh?
I'll be sure to send a picture home.
I think we are going to get them tomorrow
or Wednesday.
So that's really exciting.
I feel like I robbed a bank.
I am the one gathering all the money,
so I have a small fortune
until we get the shirts.

On Saturday night we went
and did some service for
one of our investigators.
Her little boy was having his
2nd birthday on Sunday.
So she needed our help
cutting up a bunch of vegetables.
I almost cut my fingers off.
No biggie.
I also cried a lot,
due to onions.

His birthday party was so cute.
We went for a little while
because she really wanted
us to be there.
It was all Cars themed.
He was running around
like a little maniac.
I wasn't surprised. 
He always does that.
At the party there was the
biggest chair that I've ever seen.
Of course I sat in it.
It seriously was so comfortable.
It was a really big camp chair.
I loved it.

One of our investigators,
Ipa and his son Jason,
came to church on Sunday!
It was really exciting.
In class he stood up and introduced
himself and said he really like it here.
He said he wanted to make 
it a habit of coming.
We are teaching our first lesson
with him and his wife Shundeen tonight.

OH! So people have told me
about people they have taught
that they know they told them they would
come find them in this life.
I didn't really know what I thought about that.
I mean I hadn't found anyone yet,
but I think I might have now.
We went to go see one of our new
investigators, Dustin, last night.
When we got there he has been drinking.
He's going through a rough time right now.
His cousin is dying in the hospital.
He's recently lost a lot of people.
He's disabled, so he doesn't get out much.
Only to the senior center, they let him go
since he can't really go anywhere else
and he's not a senior.
We were talking to him,
trying to leave,
and we got to testify about the
Plan of Salvation and relying on the Lord.
After we were done and has set up a time to come back,
he looked straight at me and said,
"Can I ask you a question?"
I said, "Yes of course."
He continued, "Do you promise you'll come back?"
It took everything in me not to start balling there.
I told him yes. Testified again.
And we are going back to see him tomorrow.
I think he's one of my people.

I love y'all very much.
Have a wonderful week.
Sista Hubmann

1. Me with my empty gallons. 
I am now on Day 12 of a gallon a day.
Sister Rudy decided to make an appearance.
2. HUGGGEE chair.

3. Sister Soifua and I in front of the temple.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I hope y'all are all doing good.

Hey family!

I hope y'all are all doing good. Things are going well here on the Res. I am loving it. We have a bunch of referrals of people to go visit, so we are going to have a busy week ahead of ourselves. We may have gotten 4 new investigators this past week! We got 2 new ones for sure and one of them commited to a baptismal date which is really exciting.

I am not really sure what's happening with Candice. I know she has been having a rough time right now. We were going to talk to her about her baptism date, but our last meeting had a really weird vibe to it. So we decided that talking to her about it maybe wasn't the best idea in the world.

We had a really good visit with an investigator named Anna. Her sister got baptized a few weeks ago and she cried at the baptism. She said, "I'm proud of you sister" right before she went under the water. I know she felt the spirit and she does too. But right now she is really struggling with forgiving herself for her past. So we have invited her to pray to be able to forgive herself and not feel that shame anymore.

We finally got to meet with one of our investigators. Her name is Shundeen. So cool right? I am totally going to name a child that. Anyways. And we were able to meet with her husband Ipa as well. We have had really good timing meeting with her. It's always been right when she needed us to stop by. The timing of our visits with them couldn't have been more perfect. They just got married on the 9th, so we know they would like to stay together. So we are going to start talking about eternal families the next time we meet with them. I am sad we aren't meeting with them this week, but it's understandable because her classes are starting back up this week.She's in nursing school and Ipa works a lot, not to mention they go to wakes and prayer services all the time. So it's a little hard to get ahold of them sometimes.

Oh something that is cool--since I've been here I have driven over 1,000 miles. Soon after I got here the odometer went to 56,000 miles and now it is over 57,000. I took a picture of the momentous occasion.

OHHHH!!! So with all of the new sisters they are letting sisters go on exchanges once a transfer. We don't completely exchange though, if that makes sense. We go into trios. But it's still awesome. I had my first one this past week. Sister Heap came to us and we got to have her here with us. She gave us some good points and I felt like I really was able to learn a lot from her. I was excited that she got to come because she actually came out at the same time as me. So it was nice to see a familiar face. Not that her companion probably isn't great, I was just excited to see her.

On other news. I got super dehydrated last week. Real bad. It was awful. I got a really bad headache and felt like I was going to pass out. I did the test on my arm--if you press your finger down and a mark stays then you are dehydrated. And the mark stayed FOREVER. So I decided that day that I would drink a gallon of water a day. It had been recommended by the mission doctor through Sister Ellsworth, but I hadn't done it. Today is day 6 of me drinking a gallon every day. I am not completely sure how it's going to work out today. With service this morning I got a little behind in my water drinking. I'll have to drink tons the rest of the day.

I hope all is well and I love y'all!
Sista Hubmann

1) Sister Webb and I on her birthday.
2) Sister Webb with the cake we made her.
3) Odometer kicking over to 57,000 miles.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey FamBam!

Hey FamBam!
Getting to talk to yall yesterday was wonderful! A nice little booster until Christmas I suppose. It was funny because when I got off of Skype I slipped more back into my sassy, sarcastic self. I most of the time am just nice. Sarcarm doesn't entirely transfer the culture barrier I guess. I just look like a jerk.
Exciting things this week--
1. I got to hold a baby chicken. So. Cute. I was really worried it was going to poop on me though. The member's house we were at--Desbah--was holding it and trying to make it fly. She would kind of toss it in the air and it would flap it's wings. And she did it like 20 times. And guess what? IT POOPED ON HER. Sucker. I thought it would be me but it was her.

2. My companion is Samoan right? Well guess who else is Samoan--Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Guess who is her COUSIN? The Rock! So cool right? Also she's a Princess in Samoa. Her Dad's a High Chief or something like that. Sister Rudy(my roommate who is super similar to me, so clearly she's awesome) and I are having her give us princess names. But we have to be able to serve food the traditional way. It's the test. So I am working on that.

3. I have really missed my bike. Especially this past week. I see it every time we leave the apartment since it sits right next to the door. Soooo we asked a member if we could borrow her bike. And so we have gotten to ride bikes a few times! Sister Rudy and I biked a lot this morning which was fun. We biked next to the canal and it was really nice.
4. Arizona pretty much has the prettiest skies in the world. I freak out every night that we see the sunset.Thank you Emilie Pasche for making me appreciate nature and sunsets. I am pretty sure I'm going to get on my companion's nerves saying it a thousand times, but she just agrees. I have some pictures that don't do the sunset justice that I am going to send with this email.

5. I got Chick-fil-a. YUMMMM.
Our investigator Candice was set for baptism this weekend, but she has cancelled on us a few times recently. So we are going to try to set her to get baptized next weekend. Fingers crossed. She is really amazing. She's like my second mom here. Every time we go to meet with her, she always feeds us. And last night she called while we were in dinner and she wanted us to come over for her Mothers Day dinner. Isn't that so sweet? We went over and it was so good. They call them Pima burgers. It's a burger wrapped in a tortilla. She made them herself. She's pretty much a pro.
Seriously. Being a missionary is the best. People might not always want to talk to us. But it's the people that do that matters. It's when I got to an investigator's house who is clearly super upset and we share a scripture with her and she says we came right when she needed us. We had uplifted her spirits again. Those moments, make all of the moments that aren't fun worth it. I always think of the quote, "I never said it would be easy. I said it would be worth it." And it completely is.
I am trying to finish the Book of Mormon every 2 transfers, or every 3 months so I am have to read 7 pages a say. Unfortunately I decided this half way through last transfer, so I have to read 11 pages a day now. I keep getting behind, so I have to read during lunch sometimes. But it's worth it. I am learning so much. It's really great. Every time I read it I just know that it's true. These were real people--the Native American people. And it's so nice to be able to tell the people here. "This is a record of teh Native Americans--YOUR ANCESTORS!" They love it. They say it's familiar to all of these stories that have been passed down. It's amazing.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sista Hubmann
1. Holding a baby chicken.
2. Realizing I needed to iron my skirt after it was on. Too lazy to take it off. Good thing I had leggings on underneath.
3 Desbah with the chicken.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Hey y'all!

I get to see you this week! It is crazy how that is already here. I honestly can't believe it. Time is just flying by. We get to Skype! Unless the internet starts acting up, then I'll just call. But I will call at 3 my time. So 6 yours. Sorry if that isn't the most convenient, but I think it should be.

I didn't get to go to my investigator's baptism. Our investigator here that was supposed to come with us didn't answer her phone. And none of our other investigators could come either. I cried. It was so upset. I am still a little sad, but hey. Life's gotta move on. And we're rockin' the reservation. We have 13 investigators!! We found 3 just this past week. We are working for a Mircale May!

We went on a hike this morning. It was a blast, even though we had to wake up at 4:30 to go. That was half so we would beat the heat and half so we would get back in time for studies. It was so hot here last week. In the truck it said it was 105. That is so crazy. It's not even summer yet. So y'all better keep your fingers crossed that I don't have a heat stroke or something. This week hasn't really been bad so far though. Only in the 90s.

We went hiking this morning. It's called Camelback. I felt so cool hiking Camelback with my Camelbak. I was so prepared. I was pretty much the soccer mom of the group. I had sunscreen, bug spray, fruit snacks, ibproufen, bandaids, etc. All I needed was some orange slices. Maybe some Capri Suns. I seriously love the Arizona sky. It is amazing. It goes on forever and ever. The sunrise was beautiful this morning while we were hiking.

They put my name on the program this week. So I am excited because people might actually be able to learn my name. Too bad they put "Huvmann" So now everyone will know my name incorrectly. Ah well, something is better than nothing. I keep telling people if Sister Hubcap is easier for them they can call me that. But no one has really done it yet. I feel like the people are warming up to me! One of the YSA sistas that comes out with us a lot gave me these really cool bear claw earrings. I love them. I will have to wear them and send a picture some time. I think we are going to the Native Museum today. So I am really excited to see and learn more about their culture. It is so interesting to me.

News flash! They have Cracker Barrel here. We went there one night last week. I was in HEAVEEEN.  I kept saying how great everything was. And I tried to play the little game with the golf tees. And I am still "plain dumb". 15 years of going there and you think I would have it down, but nope. Not in the least bit. Some kind person paid for all of us missionaries. We went with some of the people from the ward, so there were 6 missionaries there. Isn't that just the nicest thing ever?  Also great news. THEY HAVE CHICK-FIL-A HERE. IN MY AREA. In my last area there was no places to go out to eat. But not here. We got all kinds. And that amazing chicken will be in my belly in the next 2 hours. I am so excited.

You know, being a missionary is the best. I will never for a second regret the decision I made to come out here. It has already changed me a lot and I am so happy for that. I am really learning more about the scriptures every day. I set this goal to finish the Book of Mormon every 2 transfers, so every 3 months. So just on my mission I will get to read it 6 times! I love getting to learn all of these great things. Enos 1:26-27 has got to be my favorite right now. What a great blessing if we do all of the things we need to do and help others come unto Christ as well!

Keep it real. I will talk to y'all on SUNDAY! I still can't believe that's already here. It blows my mind.
Much love,
Sista Hubmann

1-Sister Soifua and I
2-Sister Jones(She serves on the Rez too) and I on our hike this morning.
3-My desk at transfers. So. Much. Stuff. I don't know how I already have that much.