Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hey Family!
I seriously can't believe it's already pday again.
That just baffles my mind.
I have almost been out 4 months.
I have, check your calendar.
I wonder if it's flying by as fast for y'all
as it is for me.
This week, it reached
a blazing 111 degrees.           
Thank goodness we are in a truck.
With air conditioning.
That is constantly turned up
as high as it will go.
We used the typewriter in our apartment.
That was awesome.
Until it broke
after 3 minutes of me using it.
We tried to fix it,
sadly it wouldn't come back to life.
I can see why computers are so much better.
They let you erase things without
having to use white out.
I messed up like a thousand times
in 2 seconds.
Seriously, 2 seconds.
Not even my usual exaggeration.          
So the funniest thing that has ever happened on my mission,
happened this week.
We went to visit this old couple.
They are so sweet and cute.
They've been married almost 70 years!
Isn't that amazing?
So we're talking to them.
They are telling us their life story,
which was great.
And we finally leave.
Brother Lewis says that old men
can hug the "lady missionaries."
So began the uncomfortable hugs.
Sister Mayne hugged him--no problems.
He goes to hug me.
And you know how you have like move
your heads opposite directions?
That didn't work out so well.
We had an awkard head bobbing back and forth.
And then finally we go to hug.
Sister Mayne and I get in the car.
Laughing as hard as we possibly could.
And she looks at me and goes,
"Remember that time you almost kissed a 94 year old man?"
Ahhh, and that's why can't hug men on the mission.
To avoid awkward situations like that.
But hey, at least now I have an awesome story to tell.
We got a call from one of our High Priest Group Leaders this week.
He told us their was a woman who really needed a visit.
So we went to see her.
Her name is Maura.
She is amazing.
She really just wants to know if the church is true.
And we were like, sure we can help you with that!
So we are getting to help her out.
We have told her of some articles she can read.
And suggested that she watch 17 Miracles.
I think she will be such an assest once she gets
that testimony for herself.
She said that's why she stopped going so many years ago.
I really think she will become active again.
We just have to help her get back on the right path.
We ate dinner at the Poole's this week.
We are just talking about life,
families, hometowns, hobbies, etc.
She tells us that one of their hobbies.
is being on game shows!
Her and her husband have both been on
The Price is Right.
She made it to contestant row and
he won a trip to Jamacia.
They also were on Wipe Out last year.
And they won!
Her kid let it slip out.
They were on the Valentine's Day episode.
They were named the "Baby Makers"
You should check it out.
They are also in line to go on
Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune sometime
in the next year.
Cool right?
They'll go on Amazing Race sometime.
I just know it.
We have the sweetest neighbors.
Sister Mayne likes Trader Joe's and
she walked by one day carrying a bag with Trader Joe's on it.
So we asked where it was.
She gave us instructions.
And jokingly said she'd make us a map.
Well 2 days ago.
We come out of our apartment,
and there is a paper that says,
"Welcome to the nieghborhood sisters!"
On the inside was a map to Trader Joe's.
And she left us roses.
She's such a sweetheart.
My new transfer goal is to convert her.
We had Zone Training last week.
Turns out Sister Mayne and I,
are the only sisters in the zone.
It's so weird.
Considering my first zone only had 4 Elders.
Our zone is huge.
The top part of our zone is Payson.
So the Elders had to drive an hour and a half
to get to the training.
One of the Elder's investigators from the Res
is supposed to make me a cactus knife.
It's out of cactus wood.
I am really excited and I hope
he gets done with it soon.
I'll probably just send it home when I get it.
One morning I was in the bathroom.
And I just happened to look down into
my companion's cup where she keeps her
toothbrush and toothpaste.
I dumped it out and washed it down the sink.
I didn't tell her though.
I feel like I maybe should have.
But it's probably too late for that now.
We may be getting 2 new investigators this week!
It's a member's parents.
Her mom seems super interested.
But her dad--not so much.
So pray for Peggy's parents.
So that they will be open to the gospel.
Because they would be such amazing members.
I can tell.
He just has to believe in God first.
So please, prayers for them!
I love y'all and hope you have an amazing week!
Much love,
Sista Hubmann              
1. It was 111 degrees here this week.
2. The broken type writer ink.
3. Musefan car! Glad to find a fellow friend--make sure JD sees it. This is for him.

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