Sunday, June 16, 2013

10 June 2013

Why hello there my family!

I hope Kingsport is treating you well.
I actually didn't make it up to Payson.
Turns out I am in that zone,
but a different area.
So much for that cool summer.

I think I brought it upon myself.
I'm pretty sure I said,
"Have fun in the Valley suckas!"

Like 5 times.
So I'm still in the Valley.
Just the Northern part.
I am in the lovely City of Cave Creek.
There is a city we cover called Carefree.

I love driving through there.
Because all of the road names are
Dream St., Lazy St., etc.
I will have to take some pictures
of some crossroads so you can witness it too.
My new companion is Sister Mayne.
She is from Utah.
Shocker, right?
She's from Brigham City.
She lives a block away from the temple there.
It's visible from her living room.
Living the dream right there.
She is really nice.
And cracks me up.
The Elders that lived here before us....
they left our apartment a wreck.
The only thing that made it worth it was
the LOVE letters we found in a desk drawer.
3 love letters to the same Elder.
Poor girls.
He didn't even take the letters with him!
But I'm glad he didn't,
because they were so amusing.
We found a box full of 49 ties.
Elders must have lived there for
a very long time.
The wards here do correlation and splits
every week which is awesome.

They are really trying to do missionary work,
which is great.
We're working on getting more investigators.
A few ward members are going to try
to set things up with their friends.
So we'll see.
I have the faith it's going to go well.
I am driving another truck up here.
It's the same as the last one except this one is grey.
I totaled up how many miles I had driven
in my last area.
And I had driven 1,828.
Our area here is so huge.
I've now driven over 2,000.
Just in 2 transfers.
It blows my mind.
We do cover
Cave Creek,
parts of
and Carefree.
Leaving Papago was really hard for me.
I had grown to love the Native people
But I know this must mean that
there are people here that I am supposed
to teach.
The only good thing that came from
leaving was that I got some nice awkward pictures.
I'll include them.
Sister Webb got her visa last week.
She thinks she'll be staying most of this transfer.
But I won't really know until she gets to Brazil,
since we can't write being in the same mission and all.
I loved that package y'all sent.
The skittles are already gone.
I love the shirts too.
I am just figuring out what to wear them with.
Since I'm growing out of all my skirts...
Now is the time to really exercise!
I loved the Iron Man shirt.
Another Sister in my apartment had it too.
We were so excited to match.
It's so cool.
I've worn it a bunch.
I love being a missionary.
People may no be interested.
But I tried.
And I love being able to do that.
Because the Lord has given me so much.
I am honored to be able to have this time
to serve the Lord.
I know that even if people aren't accepting the gospel now.
I may have planted a seed.
Sure we'd all love to reap other's seeds.
But for right now.
I am happy with where I am.
Being a missionary is the best.
And I'd never trade this for anything.
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1. Sister Rudy and I in our matching Iron Man shirts.
2. The Res Missionaries.
3. Me with the Zone Leaders.--Krueger and Bowerman(It's the most awkward picture thanks to Elder Bowerman)
4. My old zone leaders, I don't think I ever sent it.
Elder Francis and Elder Miller.
5. Me and Stephanie, a less active.
6. Me and Anna--one of my old investigators.
7. Me with the Spanish Elders we walked to zone sports with all the time.

Elder Ortiz and Richmond.
8. Me and Elder Clarke--both leaving the Res.
9. Me and the Jimersons. 
10. Sister Esmond and I. MTC companions going to separate missions!
11. Me and 49 ties.
12. We have the same plates in my apartment as at home!
13. Me and my new companion Sister Mayne!
14. Pretty sunset!

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