Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Well this past week has been crazy.
Sister Mayne and I were freaking out,
pretty much all week about transfer news.
We had it confirmed to us Tuesday night
that our area was getting split.
So we weren't sure what was going to happen.
We somehow got through the week
and at 3:30 on Saturday, President called.
I answered and he told me,
"Congratulations Sister Hubmann, you're going
to be training a brand new missionary!"
At first I was like, "Yeahh, I got this."
And that attitude of me being confident
stayed for a couple days
Then we got into training meeting on yesterday.
And I was like, "HOLY CRAP. How am I going to do this?!?"
That is still with me today.
But I know the Lord helps the people he calls.
So I can do this.
I did get transferred again.
I am now serving in the Larkspur ward.
We met the bishop last night.
He is pretty nice.
So we're excited.

We are actually still in a trio until Saturday.
Poor Sister Mayne's companion was sick
and didn't make it down to AZ.
She is going to get a visa waiter Saturday.
So we're going back in forth between our 2 areas
until she gets her new companion.
Which actually turns out well since
Tamra's baptism is Saturday!!!
So I will get to go 100% for sure now.
She is so excited for her baptism.
It's really great.
You can tell she really wants it for her.
We are meeting with her 2 more times before Saturday
to finish up teaching her the rest of what she needs to know.
So it's all super exciting!

New companion.
Sister Crandall.
She's the cutest.
Everyone be jealous.
She's from right around Rexburg.
We know a couple of the same people
since she's lived their forever and I went to BYUI.
It's cool that we already have some connection.
I'm excited for it to be Saturday, so that she can I can 
get into the new area and really start her training.

Here's the thing.
I got a brand new car.
Well the Lord got a brand new car,
and he's letting me borrow it.
But it's super scary.
Because I don't want anything bad to happen to it.
I am talking this car had 15 miles on it when I got it.
This is the newest car I've ever driven.
It's funny because any time even a leaf gets on it,
one of us is hitting it off.
It's a Chevy Cruze. 
I like it a lot,
but I miss my truck a little bit.

The night before transfers they have some of 
the greenies come out with the missionaries who
have been out for a while(How is that me? I just came out yesterday I swear.)
We got a pretty awesome sister.
Her name was Sister Andrus.
We had to split up from Sister Mayne,
because we had 2 different FHEs.
Sister Andrus and I went and taught Briar.
He knows a lot already. 
I mean this kid has read the Bible by himself.
He's a smartie.
So it went really well.
I was afraid she wasn't going to talk.
And she didn't until the very end of the lesson.
But she had stories and a wonderful testimony.
So I know she's going to be a good missionary for sure.

Still no word from Kendall on lessons.
She said that she had to postpone, but she was at church.
So that was good to be able to see her there.
I keep praying that Sister Mayne and her new companion
will be able to meet with her again soon.

We're not sure what's going to happen with William.
He was in the ward that got it's own set of missionaries.
But we told them about him and his wife.
So we are hoping that they are able to meet with him soon.

I know the Lord has a plan for each of us.
President at transfer meeting said,
"The Lord knew you would answer the call to serve,
where you would serve,
and who your companions would be.
You aren't here by chance."
I really loved that because the Lord knows us.
If nothing else that is something I've learned from my mission.
Times life may seem hard, but he's always there.
We just have to pray.
We have to choose to ask for his help.
He would never do anything to lead us astray.
Trials are hard for sure.
But like it says in 1 Nephi 3:7,
the Lord won't give us a task if we can't accomplish it.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Love you tons!
Sister Hubmann

1. I'm a spiritual gangster.
2.My district!
3. Zone leaders Clark and Kinghorn.
4.Me and the super cute senior couple the Holmes.
5. Soaking wet from the monsoons.
6. Delicious fry bread. Thank you Indian Village.
7. With Maura!

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