Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey Family!
So last week was amazing.
She was so afraid that she wouldn't make
it fully under the water and would have to get baptized again.
Yeah, her fears came to life.
Her elbow didn't make it completely under.
So they had to preform the baptism again.
Poor thing.
It was really great!
Besides the fact there were cockroaches in the bathroom.
My poor greenie had to clean them up.
She's such a trooper.
Love her heart.

She seriously is the best.
I don't really feel like I am training at all.
She came pretrained I swear.
I am not having to do anything.
We had our first set lesson on Thursday.
And we weren't sure what we should teach her.
So we decided to pray about it and then discuss what we thought.
In studies we both thought baptism.
So we thought we should invite her to be baptized.
Sister Crandall invited her...
She is going to be baptized on August 10th.
It's really exciting!
Her name is Roya.
She's from Iran, so her cousin translates.
She's really amazing.
Her fellowshipper wants her to go slow.
But she's like,
So she is!
We are so excited for her!

We also got to meet with a couple of people
that had formerly investigated the church.
And they seem really promising!
One's name is Emma.
She's 17 and her family had talked
with the Elders before.
She seems really interested.
So we are really excited to go meet with her again.

We also stopped and talked to 2 different
men this week who seem interested.
Their names are Bill and Scott.
Bill is really struggling because he has cancer.
So he feels like God has abandoned him.
We are working to make him know that he hasn't.
It was really touching to talk with him.
He's served in the military,
so talking to him hit home since the boys are in the Air Force and all.
He is an amazing man and we hope to meet with him again.
Scott was really great too.
He seemed really open to the gospel.
So we are really excited to meet with him again as well.

This week has been great.
I know the Lord will continue to bless
the people that I go to see.
I would like to invite y'all to talk to your friends.
I know that's what I regret not doing.
This isn't a time to plant seeds.
This is a time to reap.
Talk to your friends and I can promise you,
that the Lord will be with you!
He will put the words into your mouth when you need them.
I love this gospel and the blessings it has placed in my life.

Have a wonderful week!
I love you!
Sister Hubmann

1. The font filling!
2. Tamra and I before her baptism!
3. Sister Mayne, Tamra, and I!

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