Monday, August 12, 2013

12 July 2013

This past week has been great!
We had a great lesson with Roya on Tuesday.
We took her down to the Visitor Center
and watched a movie about Joseph Smith.
She was so touched by the Spirit there.
She cried during the movie,
and said he was a prophet afterwards.
She also loved the Christus.
She had the VC Sister play it twice for her.
The Sister asked her what she thought about it
and she explained the whole thing to her.
Which is really great because
English isn't her first language.
So we were really glad she understood as much as she did.
And we found out there that she hasn't
smoke or drank tea in over a week!
It's so exciting!
She is so ready to be baptized, it's amazing.
We are going to set a new date with her this week.
We are thinking August 31.
Mainly because we KNOW she's ready.
Partially because we also know transfers is that
next week and we both want to be there.
And with my current transfer rate,
I'm afraid I won't be.
So we'll see how it all works out.
The Lord's got a plan, I know it.

Yesterday when we were on our way to the 
hospital (to visit a sick member),
I thought, "I'm thirsty. I should get a drink."
Which then resulted in water COVERING my skirt.
Sister Crandall is all, 
"Do you really want to go into the hospital like that?"
So I used the "skirt tunnel"
aka I had to use the AC like a dryer.
It was good. 
You do something different every day I suppose.
Needless to say,
I just have the best luck in the world.

We got a new investigator this week!
Her name is Nancy.
Her daughter was baptized last year.
She went to the baptism and was crying because
she felt the spirit so strongly.
So we are teaching her now.
She just has a problem that she has a
hole in her throat.
So any water that would go into her throat,
would go directly to her lungs.
So we are having some people look into
how to cover it up so she can be baptized.

We also are working with this older woman named Juanita.
She is really kind.
A great Christian woman.
She also tells us we're beautiful every time we go there.
So who wouldn't like visiting her?
She has a really bad memory.
Like that she asks us if we are married at least
twice while we are there.
I am praying that the Lord will help her remember the gospel.
She said she would read the Book of Mormon.
So we are going to follow up on that this week.

Something interesting they have done
this transfer is a conference call.
They have all of the people training and their
trainees get on the same call.
And we all discuss how the 12 week program
has been going for them.
My poor companion got called on.
And she wasn't sure what she was going to say.
Literally the whole time he was asking the question
she was hitting me going "What do I say?"
over and over again.
And here I am trying to even hear her question.
She's doing great.
I don't mind training at all.
We get along super well, which is a major blessing.
I have got to say I have been majorly blessed this transfer.
It's amazing to see that the Lord has his hand in
every step of the way of my mission.
I love being able to be here serving him.
Have y'all been able to do any missionary work?
I know that the Lord will bless you as you begin
to reach out to those around you.
And you won't regret it.
There is no better feeling than being able to help
people to come unto Christ.
And you both know that since you have served
missions yourselves:)

Also this week,
Sister Crandall and I decided to give things up.
We wrote a bunch of things on balloons
and popped them.
They were all things that were preventing
us from being the best missionaries possible.
And every time I think about or do one of those things,
I think about those popped balloon pieces on my desk.
Cool right?

I love y'all so much and hope you have an amazing week!
Much love, 
Sister Hubmann

1.Skirt Tunnel.
2.Popping my balloons.
3. Remnants of my balloons.
4. Also Sister Crandall decided she wanted to see
if she was still allergic to fresh fruits and veggies.
She ate an apple.
She's still allergic.

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