Saturday, August 24, 2013

19 August 2013

Hey Family!
How is it going in Kingsport?
Everything is going great here!
I am loving the area and the people.
Especially the people.
This week was pretty great.
So here it goes.

On Monday we decided to take our bikes.
We had just got Sister Crandall's,
so we figured "Why not?"
We were biking around and we remembered
this man that we would try to stop by and see him.
We decided to go to this one apartment complex
and then go see him.
We are on our way to this potential investigator's house
and we are stopping and talking to everyone.
We are a little lost,
and we stop to talk to this woman.
Who just happened to be who we were going to see!
The Lord truly has his hand in our lives, I know it.
Because if we wouldn't have been there at that
exact moment, we would've missed her.
We were able to talk to her about problems
that she's facing right now.
She said, "He knows my problems."
And, "You are messengers of the God."
Once her son goes to school,
we are going to start teaching her.
We're super excited!

We went on exchanges this week.
Which was fun and weird.
Because one day I was with
Sister Soifua and Sister Mayne.
My old companions!
In my old area.
But it was super fun.
And when the Sister Training Leader came with me,
we talked to everyone we ran into, aka 30 people.
It was awesome.
We may have gotten kicked out of an apartment complex though.
We knocked on a door where a member used to live.
And the new tenant was not pleased.
He said he was going to talk to the manager.
So we'll see how that one goes.

We also taught this woman named Nancy.
Not sure if I've told you about her.
She has a hole in her throat.
So she is really concerned about getting baptized.
But we have figured out how she will do it,
they had to call Salt Lake Headquarters for it.
But we are really excited for her.
The lesson went super well.
She is progressing.
And we are going to commit her to a date this week.

We also got a new investigator!
His name is Jade.
He's from South Africa.
We were lost because of construction
and we turned into a complex.
We decided to stop and talk to some people.
And we asked if they would be willing to listen
to a brief message about Jesus Christ.
And his friend volunteered him!
So we went and met with him.

And we are now teaching him again this week.
We are super excited.

My area is proof that the Lord
is preparing his people to hear his word.
I can see it every day.
People might not accept meeting with us,
but we're a start.

Other highlights from this week:
1. Interviews with President and Sister Sweeney.
2. Zone lunch--I'll attach amusing pictures.
3. Dyed Sister Crandall's hair.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
I love you tons!
Sister Hubmann

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