Monday, August 5, 2013



Let me just go ahead and say,
I got so many things this week.
I could really feel the love.
I wish I could have spent it with you,
but you made spending it away that much better.
People were really great here.
They sang happy birthday to me in Relief Society.
The Sister that fed us dinner went home
and made me a birthday cake from scratch.
Isn't that so sweet?
Sister Mayne made me a cake too.
Sister Wynn, the bishop's wife,
brought me a birthday present too!
She is just the sweetest.
She's my substitute mom here.
I love the people here.
They are so kind to us.

We went to see this man last week.
And we are walking to his door.
He opens it to come outside.
He sees us and slams the door in our faces.
Sister Crandall's jaw literally dropped.
And then he opens the door back up.
He waves for us to come in.
We just look at each other and head to the door.
His daughter says,
"Oh ignore him. He's crazy. Come on in."
We go in and this old man...
Like I'm the Pillsbury doughboy or something!
He ended up being the cutest old man.
It was great to get to visit with him and his family.
It was his 85 birthday when we stopped by!

In other news,
we found 42 ties at our apartment.
This is going to keep happening as I keep
moving into Elder apartments.
But this transfer we did something
a little more fun with the ties.
I will attach a picture of our creation.

Things are going great with Roya.
We did have some setbacks.
She was drinking tea still,
so we have to push back her baptism date.
But we are really excited.
Because we are going to go with her to the
Visitor Center tomorrow.
And we're going to show her a video about Joseph Smith.
We really think it will help her
understand him better and help her gain 
a testimony of him.

We are working on meeting
with a few families that the Elders were
working with before.
Other than that, we are doing some less active work.
And that is always fun to go and see them.
They are normally pretty nice.
But we are working on getting them back to church.

I love being a missionary.
It's amazing to be able to touch the hearts of people.
I want to invite you to continue to talk
to the people you know.
Here's a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley,
"Let there be a cultivated awareness in every
member's heart of his own potential for bringing others
to a knowledge of the truth. Let him work at it. Let him
pray with great earnestness about it."
So pray about those you come in contact with.
The Lord will help you know who is ready.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Ties!
2.Party time
3.Blowing out my candles!
4. DQ. What Grandma's birthday money bought me.
6. And Wendys! Birthday money, well spent.
7.Sister Wynn, Substitute Mom.

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