Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey Family!
How's it going?
This week has been pretty good.

Jade our investigator is awesome.
Well he's not ours anymore.
Sadly we had to pass him off to the Assistants.
He's YSA age, so we thought it would be best for him.
He has really good questions.
And we had a couple really great lessons
with him this week.
The first one we talked about the Restoration,
and he really wanted to know about Joseph Smith.
He said he likes things black or white.
And I told him that things are 
black or white in our church.
Either the Book of Mormon is true, or it's not.
If it's not, then Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet.
And this isn't the true church.
But then I testified that I KNOW that the
Book of Mormon is true.
Joseph Smith was a prophet and he did see 
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
It is such a blessing for me to know that.
And I love that I'm getting to help other people know that.

So turns out if you drive to the Visitor Center
and other places you don't need to.
Then you run out of your allotted miles pretty fast.
Sister Crandall and I had 250 for 2 weeks in the month...
Not our best move.
So we biked a ton last week.
And was it HOTTT.
One day Sister Crandall didn't wear sunscreen
and she got FRIED.
My poor greenie.
She is good now though,
thanks to some lady who let her have 
some of her aloe plant.

We also have started tracting.
We have found that it is actually kind of productive.
We have been able to find a few potentials investigators.
And set up some return appointments.
Talking with everyone is a really big thing.
So that's what we've been trying to do.
We talked to 127 people this week.
And 106 last week.
Shooting for 140 this week.
So we'll see how that one goes.
We ran into this woman named Laura,
who has had some really rough times in her life.
She is on a "journey" she calls it.
We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon
and are anxiously waiting for her call.
We also met a woman name Denise.
She seemed legitimately interested,
but had family in town.
So we are seeing her this week.

We met this man named "Crazy Dave" this week.
He is very nice, but he is a little crazy too.
He loves bandannas.
The one he was sporting when we were there
had some nice marijuana leaves on it.
We think he might have been a drug dealer.
That's still a little bit in the air.
He said he used to be a pastor.
But his life has gone pretty down hill from there.
He said he's not interested.
So we're not sure if we'll stop by again.

We went bowling last pday for a multi-district activity.
It was pretty fun.
And I won a game--thank you kid bowling league.
The best part about winning was the fact that
I beat this super competitive elder,
without even realizing it.
Until I heard him yell.
Best best part?
I beat him by one pin.
I know we aren't supposed to be competitive.
But that was a little satisfying.

Roya is still doing great!
We had an AMAZING lesson with her
on the Plan of Salvation.
I think she is really thrilled with being able to see her dad again.
And her mother's health isn't too great right now.
So I think it might have helped her out a lot.
I love her to death.
She is getting baptized in just a couple weeks!
I am hoping that if I get transferred
that I'll be able to make it back for her baptism.

Which leads to transfers.
They are next Tuesday.
I can't believe they are already here.
It's crazy!
I will find out this weekend and let you know
WEDNESDAY. Not Monday.
Pday changes because of transfers.
So I'll let ya know.

I love y'all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Keepin' it real in Payson.
2. Check out that watch tan.
3. Glasses tan--what is my life?? Thank goodness I can wear my contacts again.
4. Sister Crandall and I at bowling.
5.Victory shot.
6.Some of the bowling group--love'em.

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