Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This week has been a good one.
It's always hard to focus in the week right before transfers.
You wait and wait all week to find out
what's going to happen to you.
Sister Crandall literally had chestpains.
She was so stressed out.
Mainly because everyone told her she would be training.
And it turns out, she is!
I can't believe it.
6 weeks out and she is training!
I actually can believe it.
She's a super great missionary.
I loved getting to be with her for the 6 weeks I did.
So my news.
I ended up getting transferred.
I am now in the mountains!
Up in Taylor, AZ.
It's really pretty up here.
It reminds me more of home
than anywhere else I've been.
It's really green up here.
There are a TON of Mormons here too.
I am right next to Snowflake,
if that rings any bells to where this little town is.
My companion is Sister Brown.
She's been out 6 weeks,
so I am finishing her training.
She's super sweet.
Such a doll.
I think this is going to be a good transfer!
We live across the street from a rodeo.
So we go and run stairs there 3 days a week.
I almost died.
My legs were shaky for a while after that.
Gotta get fit and lose weight somehow!
Apparently the other days of the week they walk around a cemetery....
Not quite sure how I feel about that one yet...
We have cows in our backyard.
I woke up and looked out the window.
And there it was.
Just grazing.
It's so nice to be in the green again!
I haven't been here too long.
We got up here around 7.
We ate since we hadn't eaten since 12.
And headed out to meet people.
We set up a time to meet with an investigator
that they had taught the first lesson to.
We are meeting with them tonight!
Their names are Ambra and Edwardo.
They got married 3 months ago.
I bet they want to be together forever.
So I am really excited about the lesson tonight!
We also went over and met one of my bishops.
We cover 2 family wards and a YSA branch.
So we got to meet one of the three.
He was super nice.
Their son is in the Air Force actually.
He's in the valley here in AZ though.
Roya's baptism is this Saturday!
I wish so much that I could be there.
But it's too far away for us to go:(
I know they were having some complications
getting everything worked out because she is getting
baptized into a different ward from where she lives.
I hope they get everything worked out!
Because she is SOOOO excited to get baptized.
I am so excited for her.
She really does love the gospel and is ready.
Her son told her not to get baptized because she wasn't ready.
She told him, "I'm getting baptized. I am prepared!"
I love her so much.
I know Sister Crandall will take good care of her though.
Nancy is doing well.
She lovesss learning.
So we love teaching her.
She is a great woman.
We taught her the Plan of Salvation.
We were still working on getting her
comfortable enough with the idea of getting baptized.
Sister Wynn is the best person ever.
She made dinner for us and asked what we wanted.
Sister Crandall told her I wanted Chicken & Dumplings.
So she made them for me!
It was so good!
And she made twice baked potatoes.
Never had them?
Check it out.
Other things:
We didn't make tshirts for our zone this transfer.
So we bought pillowcases and decorated them.
It sounds dumb,
but it is one of my favorite things ever now.
I miss those fellow missionaries already.
But hey,
the Lord takes us where we need to go!
Oh and I've been out 6 months...
That's weird.
I hope all is well for yall!
I love you tons!
Remember: Every member a missionary!
Have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1.Burning socks for my 6 month mark.
2. Me and the Zone Leaders, Kinghorn and Hansen.
3. My district! Kinghorn, Oliveira, Me, Hansen, Crandall, and Hawes. Best people ever.
4. Sister Crandall. I LOVE HER!
5. Bishop & Sister Wynn--they're the best!
6. What I see in the morning.
7. My new companion, Sister Brown!

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