Monday, September 23, 2013

You do something new every day.

Hey Family!
This week has been a good one.
Thrift shopping.
Bike riding.
Crazy wind.
Quote writing.
Cow milking.
That's right.
You read that correctly.
I. Milked. A. Cow.
It was so weird.
And I totally squirted myself.
Then I yelled.
And scared the cow...
Good thing she was tied up.
Otherwise one of the other sisters
might have had a swift kick.
It was really fun.
I can now take that off my bucket list.
We went on exchanges this week.
I love exchanges.
And this time I was with
another sister from Tennessee!
The only two in the mission.
We got to talk about Tennessee.
And most importantly,
I have yet to find someone at college
or on my mission who can know how
awesome and great it is.
So that was fun.
We went thrift shopping last week.
Been doing that a lot more lately.
Mainly because I seem to be somehow
growing out of all of my clothes.
And getting sick of all of them.
So thank goodness for thrifting!
Since we have no miles.
We started biking!
I love it.
I miss biking.
But it is way different up here.
So many hills!
We're biking to an appointment.
And we are running late.
So we are booking it up this hill.
We get in the driveway,
I hop off my bike and turn around.
And there is my poor companion,
laying on the ground.
She said her skirt got caught on her seat.
And she was too tired to do anything.
So she fell.
I couldn't help but laugh.
And then later that day,
she changed her gears a lot.
But she wasn't on her bike pedaling.
So the next time she got on,
her chain popped off.
And then she had to walk her bike to our apartment.
That day was just not her day.
We had a great meeting with Chris and Angie!
They are less actives, becoming active.
We got to know them better and we are going to
start teaching them the lessons.
So that they can have a better
understanding of the gospel.
We read the Book of Mormon with them too.
I loved it.
The wind here.
Is like no other I tell you.
I thought Rexburg was bad.
It's crazy!
I almost had several Marilyn Monroe moments.
Well I did.
But I was wearing spandex.
So it all worked out.
And wasn't too embarrassing.
There are a million grasshoppers here!
I have never seen so many in my life.
You would think there was a plague or something.
We didn't get to meet with Hunter and Judy Jones this week.
It was a bummer.
But we are hoping to meet with them this week.
We really want her to make it to the temple!
So we have got to get her to church.
She came last week,
but she didn't make it this week.
The sisters have been having me write
a bunch of quotes down for them for their walls.
And so I have come across some really great quotes.
Here is one that I LOVE.
"With His Atonement,
we become different people
than we would without it."
-Elder D. Todd Christofferson
That is so true.
We are able to change through
Christ's Atonement.
It's only through him that we are able to do that.
So it is such a blessing to be able
to have that in our lives.
Roya got baptized this weekend!!!
She was so happy!
The funny part was that after
Elder Ronnenberg had baptized her,
she thought she had to go again.
Because the only baptism she had
been to was Tamra's.
And Tamra didn't make it all the way under the first time,
so she had to be baptized twice.
Love her to death.
Wish I could've been there.
But there's a reason for everything
and I know that.
Never has that grown more known
to me than on my mission.
Have a fantastic week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1. Milking the cow.
2. Sister Brown fixing her bike.
3. Taylor sign!
4. Sister Crowther and I--love her. She's one of the sisters who lives with us.
5. Recognize this sister? Sister Rasmussen! From my district in the MTC. We are roommates now!
6. Sister Jones from Tennessee!
7. Sister Brown at the Taylor Sign.
8. Elder Arizona in Taylor!
9. Beautiful, eh?

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