Wednesday, September 18, 2013

16 Sept 2013

Hey Family!
How is it going?
Things are going well here as usual.
It has been raining so much since I've come.
Almost every day.
We had a big storm on Friday.
It came out of the blue.
I think it was because it was
Friday the 13th.
But that might be the superstitious side of me.

We have almost 0 miles to drive in our car.
So we have been hitching rides with members.
They have been so great.
We have been walking a lot too.
I like it a lot because it's so nice outside.
But Sister Brown is buying a bike today.
So we're going to start biking as well.
Which I am excited for because I miss it.

We have been working with a LA, Judy Jones.
She is a sweetheart.
We are helping her get to the temple.
She wants to go so badly,
so I am really excited about.
I can tell it's a real desire because
even though she felt awful yesterday,
she came to church.
We are also teaching her grandson Hunter.
He's a super sweet kid.
We taught him about the Stripling Warriors.
And we are teaching him the Restoration Saturday.

We are going on exchanges this week.
We're pretty excited.
I like doing them.
I have been able to learn a lot from
other sisters and their areas.

There is a member here who is the best.
Her name is Sister Willis.
She is in the sisters who live with us's ward.
She does everything for us.
She took us to Walmart last week.
And paid for part of our groceries!
Sweetheart, right?

I am loving this area.
It has been such a good experience so far.
I love being a missionary.
Pray for missionary experiences!
The Lord will place them in your life,
I can promise that!

Have a fantastic week!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1.Temple :)
2. This little missionary man I found. I am going to take pictures of him preaching the gospel throughout Arizona. Preaching to the cows this week.
3. The storm coming in!
4. All the Sisters in the zone at the temple.

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