Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013

Hey Family!
This last week has been pretty good!
I like Taylor a lot.
It reminds me of home a lot.
Mainly because of the green.
I'm FREEZING here though.
I have been in the heat for so long
that up here is so cold.
I have been studying under a blanket.
Or i'll put on fleece socks and a sweatshirt.
I am hoping my body will adjust soon.
Yesterday I wore long sleeves and a scarf.
But it was raining too.
Which it rains here a lot.
They said they normally don't get this much rain.
But prayers have been answered!
So they have had lots of rain.

I heard that Roya didn't get baptized on Saturday.
It's really sad.
I'm not sure what's going on there
because I can't talk to Sister Crandall.
But I heard she's not getting baptized until next month.
Hopefully I'll find out more why soon.

We've met some really great people here.
It's hard to remember who is who sometimes.
Because everyone is related.
So there are a lot of name repeats in our wards.
I don't remember if I told yall,
but I am covering 2 wards and a YSA branch.
Everyone is really nice.
Everyone waves at everyone here.
It's a pretty small town.
Like 2,400 people or something.
There isn't a Walmart here,
so we are forced to go to the grocery store
that monopolizes the area.
But luckily we are going to Walmart that's like
30 minutes away with a member today.
So I am stocking up there!

We had a lesson with some new investigators.
Their names are Edwardo and Ambra.
It's going to be a challenge for sure.
Because in their society(Navajoo),
she is the head of the household.
So only men having the Priesthood is hard for her.
But we are meeting with them again this week.
So hopefully we'll be able to get through to them.
They are really nice.
He doesn't say much,
so we're going to try to get him to talk this week.

We met the Willis' this week as well.
They are less-actives and super sweet.
We are working to get them back to church.
They do want to go to the temple and get sealed,
so getting them back to church is the first step.

We had a lesson with this couple last night.
She is a member and he's not a member.
They have a wedding date for November 2.
So we are getting him ready to be baptized right after.
They are the sweetest family.
They do FHE, family prayer, and scipture study.
He even started paying tithing!
They are seriously the best people ever.

Well I think that's all for this week!
I love you all!
Have an excellent week:)
Much love,
Sister Hubmann


1.Studying under my blanket.
2. Snowflake temple!
3. We got an odd text message. In case you can't read this message. It says, "went to the golden brewery. more than i could ever think about drinking. it's a big world out her bro!"
4. But don't worry, we took the opportunity to do missionary work! Our response, "We think you may have the wrong number, but would you be willing to listen to a brief message about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
--You have to take every opportunity you can to do missionary work!

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