Monday, September 30, 2013

"Hubmann is my hub-life."-Sister Brown

Hey Family!
This week has been good!
We have been working with a lot of less actives.
I kind of used a lot of email time,
so this it going to be a picture week.
Sorry! I'll be better next week!
Our investigator Sean set a new date!
He will be getting baptized on Nov. 9th!
A week after he and Tatiana get married.
I am so excited for them moving forward!
We taught them of the importance
of missionary work this week.
We met with the Willis this week.
He is cussing less, which is nice.
And they agreed to feed us breakfast
and watch conference.
Which is amazing!
Because they have been to church once
in the past 5 years.
It is really exciting.
And I love them a ton,
so I really want them to make it to the temple.
We also met with the Ballards.
We have been trying to get them to
the temple to tour it.
But it keeps falling through.
We are hoping we can get there soon.
They also are making us breakfast and
watching conference with us!
We are so excited!
It is so amazing to see all of them progressing.
We had dinner last night
with a family who has an exchange student.
Her mom had sent her a package,
so she has real swiss chocolate.
So I may have some special order
candy for Christmas:)
We pointed out to them they actually
have a really cool opportunity
to teach Natasha about the gospel.
So we might be going over there for an FHE
and teach a lesson.
She seems like a sweetheart.
I'm 100% sure she'll get baptized once
she gets back to Switzerland.
We had a sisters meeting this week
before the relief society broadcast.
We went over some exercise booklet and had lunch.
It was a blast to see all of the sisters.
The broadcast was great!
I learned so much.
And it helped me figure out what
I need to do with missionary work right now.
I love being a missionary.
It's so great to be able to help people
grow closer to Heavenly Father and the Savior.
I hope y'all have a good week!
Look for opportunities to serve the Lord this week!
I love you tons!
Sister Hubmann
1. Elder Arizona preaching the gospel from the mountain tops!
2. This says CTR in the center.
3. Me and sisters I live with before the broadcast.
4. At the meeting were 2 sisters that I came out with. There was only one sister who had been out longer than us. We felt so mission old!
5. Us at the temple!  I think Kels chose the wrong picture.

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