Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall has hit!

Hello my family!
Fall has indeed made it up to Taylor!
I am getting pretty cold up here.
I guess that's what happens when you
have been in the valley for so long.
The leaves are changing too!!!
I am so happy I am up in the mountains
to see it happening!

My week has been interesting.
Tuesday was not so great.
One of the worst days of my mission.
We refer to it as The Terrible Tuesday.
We had a lot of appointments,
so we were really excited!
But all of them but one cancelled
and a less active said she didn't want
us to come by anymore, which caused
my poor companion to melt down.
Because she loved that lady so much.
It was an interesting day to say the least.
So get this.
We had Chanda( a YSA) with us then.
And the next night we are going out with
Felicia (another YSA), who happens to be her friend.
And they had gotten together that day
and made us cookies!!
Aren't they the sweetest??
Seriously, you gotta love some people.
And another day Chanda we are talking about the cold.
I was saying how I was already super cold.
And she was telling me I better head back to the valley
because it's only going to get colder from here.
Later that night we get a text asking if we'd
be awake in 10 minutes.
10 minutes later Chanda shows up with little
rice bags you heat up in the microwave.
She said her mom said it was supposed to
be really cold that night,
so she made them for us!

Other news:
We are getting technology into our mission!
We can do family history work now.
Facebook in November or December.
And iPad Minis by February.
We are one of like 10 missions in this area
that's getting them, so that's pretty cool.
The work is moving quickly!
In a way I didn't expect to happen to me on my mission.
I'm very excited though!
We all are.

Conference was so great!!

I loved it so much.
There were so many great things said.
Can you believe there are 80,333 missionaries?!?
That is so amazing!!
I was pretty surprised they didn't announce a temple though.
I always keep crossing my fingers for a Knoxville temple.
I'll keep praying for y'all to get one!
There's always next conference, right?

We now have 2 investigators with baptism dates!
Eli, who has had several, picked Nov 2!
We are hoping he sticks to it because
he set it for himself.
Sean set his for Nov. 9!
Just a week after he and Tatiana get married!
The work is moving forward here
and I am grateful to be able to witness it.
I know none of this would be possible without the Lord.
It's such a blessing to be able to serve a mission!

I love y'all!
Have an amazing week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Me and Elder Arizona ready for conference!
2. Me and Chanda at the fire station! That's where we meet with Eli.
3. Sister Brown and I before conference.

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