Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey Family!
This week was really awesome.
First and foremost.
I am so excited.
She is really great.
She's been coming to church since she was 12.
But her Dad made her wait until she was 18.
And now she's getting baptized on July 27th!
I am hoping if I get transfered I will stay close
enough to be able to go to her baptism.

In other news.
I killed my first animal a couple days ago.
That poor little prarie dog didn't even know
what was coming.
It darted right under the truck...
we flipped around to see if I killed it.
Suuuuuuper dead.
I felt SOOOOO bad.
I guess the mission does bring
some new experiences.
We went to this cool place called Indian Village.
Not to be confused with Village Inn.
(I keep calling it that)
It is super cool.
It's a taco shop and a store.
It has some really cool stuff that
is this area's culture.
So maybe I'll get something from there.
The owner isn't Mormon.
But we're working on it.
He's our WML's friend,
so it'll happen eventually, I know it.
We went to this couple's house that you
have to step over a fence to get to their door.
I obviously mastered getting over it the first time we stopped by.
But this past time, Sister Mayne and I
stepped over it the same time.
So I was closer to their cacti.
And this sister hit her hand straight into some cacti.
It was not fun.
No major injuries though,
so no need to fret.
It just itched.
Our district leader came up to us last week
and said "Oh we found some soap for you!"
We'll bring it the next time I see you.
His companion was like "oh the fruit one?"
And he was like "No, that one smells like girl.
It's the one that smells like sister."
Sister Mayne and I say okay and get in the car and leave.
When we're driving home I tell her,
"Sister Mayne, I guarentee that soap smells like old lady.
If there's a difference between girl and sister, we're the old lady smell."
Sure enough he brings us the soap.
And it totally smells like Sister.
He'll never live it down.
I can't believe we smell like Old Women now.
This week we also got to meet President Sweeney (officially!)
He is so awesome.
Seriously I love them already.
They really care about us, which is great.
Because we don't even really know them yet.
But he and his wife both interviewed us and it was great.
Sister Sweetey is the best.
She told me more about the Facebook stuff.
So I'm interested to see when that starts up.
We took a picture with them,
I'm not sure if it got sent to you or not.
If it didn't, I'll have the senior couple send me their copy.
Oh they have a blog y'all can look at.
Something close to that at least.
I hope y'all have a great week!
I love you tons!
Sister Hubmann
1. Me with the "Walking Cactus"
3. The potatoes were from Idaho Falls!
4. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! We only got to see one firework.
5. Poptarts are evil. I totally thought I was buying 4th of July poptarts. False. They were poptarts from the summer olympics....touche poptarts.

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