Monday, January 20, 2014

20 January 2014

Hey Family!
How are things going?
How cold is it there?
If it's cold don't worry,
I'll soak up the sun for you!
It is really nice being in 70's everyday.
Not rubbing it in or anything:)
Watch it now,
I will head back up 
to the mountains next month.

Things are great here!
I am loving the area.
It is an interesting area.
We cover part of Scottsdale,
but we're mostly over Tempe.
I like it a lot.
It's crazy how close I am to Holly though!

I forgot to tell you,
a couple weeks ago now,
I spoke in church!
It was good.
I found out just a couple days before.
Sister R and I both got to speak.
You know me,
I talked a million miles a minute.
I get so nervous giving talks.
You think like 15 years of doing it
would make it easier.
Nope. Not even a little bit.
It went okay though.

This week we went to the Gilbert Open House!
It was pretty amazing!
The chandelier was as big as a refrigerator!
It was seriously a beautiful building.
We got to go with Johnny.
We are hoping this will be a good turning point for him.
Fingers crossed and prayers going up!
He is so prepared.
He just struggles a little bit.

I went on a ton of exchanges this week.
Well it was really only 2,
but it sure felt like a lot.
It was fun though.
I got to go to the ward where Roya lives!
She goes to Larkspur, but lives there.
So I got a picture with her!
And she gave us coffee flavored candy....
I hope it was coffee flavored.
Or I may be a little worried about her.
All I know is I took one bite and hid it in 
my cheek like a chipmunk.
And spit it out when we left.
In a dignified way, don't worry.
That's right, I make spitting dignified.

If you could say some prayers,
Lisa Walker could use them.
She has some how turned away from the church.
Apparently she wants nothing from the church.
But she said she would talk to me and Sister Lewis.
So I am going to write her today.
But she needs LOTS of prayers.
I am so glad my old MTC companion 
is in my old area, so I could know that!
It's so sad to see people who have such faith struggle.

On a brighter note!
We get to go to the Open House again this week!
I am really excited!
It's going to be great!
And hopefully the person driving us,
won't almost kill us like last time.
He was 84...
I fell asleep so I wouldn't have to see
all the times I almost would die.
Sister Fisher said it was probably
at least 7 near death calls.
The Lord is definitely watching out for us
is all I have to say!
Thanks for all those extra prayers!
I could definitely feel them that day!

Well I love you all so much!
I hope you have a great week!
Tell someone about the gospel this week
and I can promise you that your week will go 70 times better!!
Remember, you have a lifelong call to missionary work!

Much love,
Sister Hubmann

1. Roya!
2. I put this on a toilet when we left the mall bathroom.
It says, 
"Looking for a good read? 
Check this one out!"
3. Exchanges with Sister Carroll.
She reminds me so much of Kirsten.
4. Revelation something...
The plaque says "I stand at the door and knock."
Can't remember the reference right now.
5. Gilbert temple!!!
6. A little piece of Tennessee!
I have only seen 2 since I came out on my mission.
I am due for one more in 6 months!
7. Us with Johnny and his family at the temple!

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