Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 February 2014

Hey Family!
Things are going well here.
The usual.

So I almost got arrested this week.
They were searching for me.
Not really.
But we did get the cops called on us.
We decided that we were going to buy
some sidewalk chalk and use it to find people!
Someone stopped us and said that we
could do what we wanted,
but we were breaking the law.
So we had a lawyer member look it up.
And he said we're fine as long as it isn't on walls.
So we should be good!
I'll let you know if I get booked.

And we went to the zoo!!
I can't believe I haven't been since 1st grade.
It was a blast.
We had like 20 missionaries that went.
It was so much fun.
I almost fed a Giraffe.
I should've done it.
Next time!

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Entin.
And I met someone who was Sister Harris' companion.
Her maiden name was Bachelor.
So that was pretty cool.
It's a small world after all.

Oh and Sister Entin is awesome.
I loved going on exchanges with her.
It was a blast.
We were on bikes in her area.
I miss my bike!
I like to convenience of having a car
to take to meetings.
But I love my bike.
It is so much easier to stop and
talk to people on the street that way.
I met someone from England doing it!
We went fishing with them!
I will send a picture of that one.

We met him.
He's a real nice guy.
He's homeless.
And we are hoping to teach him.
So that would be really great.

Robert Soldier.
He's supposed to get baptized next week.
But I don't think he'll end up getting baptized then.
We're not sure he's truly converted yet,
and we don't want him to commit before he's ready!
It's a big commitment to make.
So we're definitely praying about that one.

Johnny Garcia.
He is progressing well.
We met with him once.
And then went to the VC in Mesa.
Which was awesome.
I got to see Sister Brown,
who I came out with into the field.
And Sister Hamstead,
who I went out with my first night!
It was JUST what I needed:)
We watched the Testaments
and a video called
God's Plan For His Family.
Which makes me cry every time.
Because the grandpa dies--spoiler alert.
So it kind of hits the spot there.

All in all.
It has been a great week!
Hope your week was great:)

Sister Hubmann


1. Zoo!
2. Sister Training Leaders!
3. The group! (I'm not in it. I took the picture)
4. Turtle!
5. Missionaries are goofballs too. You think we'll mature. We don't.
6. Sister Entin
7. Mike! Sister Crandall and I TTI'd him and he ended up being a member. And now he's active again! How awesome is that?? He helped at the MLC lunch.

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