Sunday, February 23, 2014

19 February 2014

Hey Family!!
Sorry I didn't tell you transfers was happening.
But PDAY is today instead of Monday!
So there, you know now:)

Sister Fisher sadly left me.
I stayed in the same place again!
Second time.
It's crazy!
Sister Rasmussen is my companion.
After 6 months of being roommates,
we're companions now.
It's so weird because she's 
the first companion I've really known
before we became companions.
But we are both really excited!
We'll hit our year mark together too.
So that's pretty cool!

Johnny Garcia.
Is getting baptized this Saturday!!
We are so excited for him!
I can't believe his time is finally here!
He's been investigating for a year,
so it's very exciting!
We're also going to start teaching
his kids as well soon!
Next week hopefully.

Robert Soldier.
Sadly we weren't able to meet with
him all last week.
So we don't think he'll be ready for Saturday.
We're going to set a new date with him tonight.
It's going to be in a member's home as well!
Which is great,
because most of our lessons have been outside.

I love them.
They are hilarious.
And great.
They have a beagle.
And just got a basset hound!
So lots of good memories.
Good ole Buddy and Droopy.
Anyways, not about their dogs.
They are an awesome family.
They have cute little boys.
And we are visiting a couple days a week.
I love it.

The night before transfers.
We got to go out with the greenies!
And who was among them?
Sister Call!
I was able to go and street contact with her!
She is such an awesome missionary already!
It was a blast.
It was so weird to see her as missionary Sister Call!
She's in my zone!
So even though I didn't get to train her,
I am her Sister Training Leader.
So it's going to be a great transfer.

That's pretty much all the exciting news from my life.
That and I've been out a year next Thursday...
Time flies so fast!

Well I love yall!
Have a great week!

Sister Hubmann

1. Sister Call on her first day!
2. Zone leaders Hansen and Groneman.
Elder Hansen tends to ruin any picture possible.
3. Sister Sanchez! From my FIRST area! We were at the Mission Office for a baptism interview. And the people going home were there. Sister Sanchez left:( Why the poptarts? I gave her poptarts for the very first time! That and pizza rolls. I am going to miss her! She's made me such a good missionary!
4. Did I send a picture of this already?
It's the shirt that Brother Willis (in Taylor) gave me!
5. I'll miss my Sister Fisher!
6. Coronado Sisters! Lee, Rasmussen, me, and Fisher!
7. Sister R and me, finally companions!

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