Monday, March 3, 2014

3 March 2014

This week was much better than last!
No stomach bug for this sister!
I was in full recovery by Thursday.
So thank you all for your prayers!
I know I was better much faster 
because I am a missionary.
So I guess this was as good time
as any to get the stomach bug.

He's doing great!
He went to the temple dedication yesterday!
It was a great dedication.
Although I think he may have fell asleep for a minute.
He denies it, but it happened.
He leaned over before it started
and said he wanted to baptize Stephen!
So we are REALLY excited about that.
We are hoping for March 22nd.

Ron and Eddie.
Probably my favorites right now.
They are black.
And hilarious.
Eddie has some really great questions.
We met them because we were walking
by to try to contact a potential.
And Ron saw us and yelled at us.
We went and talked.
Set up a return appointment.
And they accepted baptism!!
We set them on date for March 29.

Sister R and Lords contacted her sister.
Then we went to an appointment with her
and she wasn't there.
But Stephanie was!
We talked to her
and she seemed super interested.
So we are going to meet with her this week.

Sorry sisters.
The others were great.
But this was awesome.
We were having a good day.
It had been rainy all day.
It would be sunny then sprinkle.
Sprinkle and then sunny.
It wasn't too bad.
Our ward mission leader was feeding us at Chipotle.
We went in.
When we left....

Our bikes were in a huge puddle.
So it was the best night.
We were riding in these big puddles.
One seriously was like 1.5 deep.
No joke.

Sister Lee got splashed by a car too.
It had to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
And she ran into a tree.
But it wasn't raining when that happened.
We street contacted when we were 
standing ankle deep in water.
And Sister Lee is an awesome missionary.
So it was a great exchange.

All in all.
Missionary work is going great!
I am going to have the best 5 months ever.

Love yall!
Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann


1. Our bikes after dinner...huge puddle.
2. Did I mention it was my year mark?
I didn't...
That's awkward.
Well it was.
We went to Chickfila in celebration.
And then that night...
I burned some leggings that
I use while I bike.
I've had them since I came out.
They are nice and holey.
And not the good kind of holy.
3. 1 YEAR!
4. We hit our year mark together!
5. The only part of us that remained dry after exchanges.
6. Sister Lee and I soaked!
7. A little bit of Tennessee made it up the mountain today!
8. Elder Arizona preaching the gospel at sunrise.
Such a good missionary.

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