Monday, March 10, 2014

Another week in Coronado

This week has been great!
Every week is great though.
We got to go to the temple this week!
That was a major plus.
I love going to the temple.
I got to see a couple sisters 
in the temple from the Mesa mission.
And then we took an investigator
to the VC later that day and I 
got to see 4 more!
That was super great!
I loved getting to see everyone.
I may have prayed to see someone I knew...
See Heavenly Father does answer prayers!
I knew it!:)

He was the one we took to the VC.
We watched "On the Lord's Errand."
It's about Thomas S. Monson.
We asked what he thought
and he was like,
"He's definitely a true prophet."
So we're not sure what his hang up is.
Since he believes in everything.
He even came to church yesterday.
So we'll figure it out eventually.
Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Ron & Eddie.
They are interesting.
They accepted baptism last week!
But then this week.
It was all kinds of craziness.

We went to see Ron and he wasn't there.
We were directed to 2 different apartments
to find Eddie.
And the first one...
Eddie wasn't there.
But Dennis was.
He tried to give us hugs right off the bat.
My hair was in a bun
and he asked me how long it was.
And he was like I would like to see it down
sometime, then winked.
He was drunk.
I had been trying to leave.
But I pretty much just walked away after that.
He is God's son,
so we made sure to make an attempt
to share the gospel with him.
he was interested in other things though.
So we headed out.

We eventually found Eddie.
His roommate was high.
So we think he might have been to.
Pretty unsuccessful day.
But a couple days ago we found Ron at home!
So we were able to talk to him
and set up an appointment for tomorrow!
We're excited!
And hoping he still wants to be baptized!

We got to go on lots of exchanges this week.
It was great!

Sister Entin came with me into our area
(She was concerned at where I was taking her
because she was there for the whole Dennis fiasco.)
She had a doctor's appointment.
And so we went to that.
She had to get a shot.
And when she saw how big the needle was.
I was in the lobby.
And she was like
"I need you Sister Hubmann!!"
It was hilarious.
Not for her, but for me it was.
Don't worry, Mom.
I sang Soft Kitty for her, just like you did
for me the last time I had to get a shot.
It was a great day.
Interesting, but great.

I went with Sister Entin(again) and Sister Basham
into their ward, while Sister R took Sister Isert.
They are in a trio, so we're doing 3 exchanges with them.
It was an interesting day as well.
Sister Basham ended up getting sick.
So we stayed in for a while.
But I got to catch up on my journal writing.
So that was a positive. 
I definitely needed to do that.

It's been a great week!
Thanks for the package Grandma!!:)
(You know all my favorites. It's almost gone.
Well a good portion. And I ate it alone.)

I hope yall have a superb week!
Sister Hubmann


1. Sister Lee and I switched skirts one day!
2. Heart attacked the Barrons!
3. Zone temple trip!
4. Sister Lee and Sister Lords.
5. Sister R and I at the temple
6. Sister Entin! I love her:)
7. Reenactment of me holding her hand during her shot.

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