Tuesday, March 18, 2014

17 March 2014

Hey family!
Short one.
I need better email time management.
This week was great!

We had zone conference.
Which was great.
I didn't even go into it with a good attitude.
And it was great!
I was anticipating it to be boring.
It was a 4 hour meeting...
But it was great!
We talked about consecration.
And I feel like I have so much to give still.
We are trying our hardest.
So hopefully it's enough!

Stephen and Jasmine.
We taught them the Restoration.
It went great.
Jasmine said the opening prayer.
I could tell she was struggling 
and someone was helping her.
And I knew it wasn't Johnny.
So I opened my eyes....
and it was Stephen!!
All of our other lessons got cancelled....
So we're not sure if Jasmine will
be ready for baptism on the 29th.
But we think Stephen will be.
So keep him in your prayers!

We went on exchanges this week.
I went with Sister Carroll again.
It was a blast!
I love her!
We were on bike.
And I didn't wear sunscreen.
I got super sunburnt.
I am tan now though.
So I guess it was kind of worth it.
And improved my watch tan.
So that was great!
I am proud of that tan.
I'll have to send a picture next week.
Once we've biked more.
We aren't doing well with
miles management either.
So we'll be biking.
Which is okay with me.
Makes me feel skinnier.

I am going on exchanges tonight.
With Sister Lords.
Which I am excited about.
Because I love her.
She and I are super similar.
So we get along very well.
It should be a great day!

I think we are getting iPads soon.
We have some people coming
from Salt Lake next week.
And I think they are training the
leadership/future leadership on it.
So we'll see!
I am hoping for it.
Maybe we'll get them at transfer meeting.

We hiked Camelback again.
I loved it.
As always.
Who knew hiking would be so great.
There were 10 of us.
And we saw another zone there.
So I got to see 2 of my children,
Sister Brown and Sister Evans!
It was pretty great!

I love you all!
I am so grateful
for everything you do for me!
You people are fantastic!
Sister Hubmann

1. Trying to look taller...it worked, right?
2. Sister Call and I sat next to each other at zone conference. She sat on my left. Just like at seminary!
3. Sister Lords! She's pretty fantastic!
4. My bread addiction has gotten worse....just kidding. I didn't buy it! It was donated. We're going to give it to people:) Maybe. If it lasts that long.
5. Coronado sisters on top of Camelback!
6. It was really windy and cold...
7. The whole group!

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