Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A week in the life of a missionary!

Hello there!
Things are going great here! 
I am loving the warmth and hating it.
Love because it feels fantastic.
Hate because it's only going
to get much much warmer from here.

He is getting baptized this weekend!
He goes on and off of showing interest.
But he is really excited about getting baptized!
We are excited!!
He had his interview and passed,
so Saturday it is!

He got the priesthood on Sunday!
It was really awesome to see!
And he wore a suit!
He never wears a suit!
We are pretty ecstatic over here!
We joked about it because after 
Stephen's interview they went home and ate.
And then the suit wouldn't button anymore...
We told him maybe he should go shop for a new suit.

She's doing well.
She told us that she believed
that all churches had bits of the truth.
And we are sitting there like...
So we are really excited about her.
She is doing well!
And we are set to meet with her again this week.

David Haynes.
Not sure what's up with him.
He believes EVERYTHING.
He doesn't like the Word of Wisdom.
But he could give coffee up.
He doesn't drink much,
and he said he could give it up.
He just doesn't want to join the church,
so he's not going to give up his coffee.

David Enrique.
He has to be one of my new favorite people.
We send out scripture texts every day.
And he always has the best responses.
I would send some,
but I don't have time to pick the best one.
He is great though!
And we are teaching him the Restoration tonight!

Dragonboat race.
On Saturday we went to make our presence known.
And talk to some people as well.
We went down to Tempe Town Lake.
It sounds like it's out of the mission,
but the lake splits the mission.
We went and I worked on my tan ANDDD
did missionary work.
So it was good for me.
We also got funnel cake.
Sister R had never had it!!
Can you believe that??
We used to have that ALL
the time at Dollywood!
So I relived fond memories this weekend.

All is well in the Coronado Ward of Arizona.
Transfers are next week,
So Preparation day will be Wednesday this week.
I am going to hate this next week.
Mainly because I don't do well with not knowing
what's happening with me.
But I guess I'll survive.
I'll let you know next week what transfers hold for me!

Have a fantastic week!
Sister Hubmann


1. Johnny, Stephen, and Jasmine. Don't look at me. I'm getting fat again. Just see how great the Garcia family looks!
2. Funnel cake!
3. Sister Rasmussen's FIRST funnel cake!
4. Boat race! You did one of these Dad, right?
5. Coronado!
6. And I went on exchanges with Sister Lords! Doesn't she look great?

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