Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The most eventful baptism of my life.

Good day!
This week has been interesting to say the least.
So here is the rundown...

We went bowling as a zone!
It was super fun.
I obviously showed everyone who was boss.
Being in that bowling league when I was younger,
it was the kicker.
Just kidding.
But I really did beat some people!
So that was eventful.
It's always eventful when you can wear pants.

Stephen's baptism.
It was not a happy experience.
Well at first.
Because he was 45 minutes late for his baptism!
So that made things interesting.
Angered the ward members,
but he got baptized so that's what matters!
During refreshments,
Johnny dropped the bomb that 
Stephen wouldn't be at church to get confirmed.
And he couldn't get confirmed this weekend
because of conference.
So he got confirmed Sunday night
when he got home from his trip.
But no one could come confirm him.
We got one ward member there.
And our zone leaders.
So it was an interesting experience.
But Johnny got the Priesthood,
so he got to baptize Stephen!! 
It was great!!!
It took him a few times...
10 or so,
but he got it!
And there was a sign language dance,
as a musical number...
It will be a baptism that I will never forget.

I stayed!
I was super surprised.
But I am still here in Coronado.
Which I am happy about.
I love this ward.
It's where all walks of life dwell.
So it's pretty great.
My new companion is....
Sister Moser!!
She's super great.
I love her already.
She's from Vermont.
And has TWELVE siblings.
Her family is 3 times bigger than ours!
It was sad to see Sister R go,
but I know she was needed elsewhere.
She is with her old companion,
Sister Crowther again!
(She was in Taylor with us,
she's fantastic.)

My polish Chris.
I love that man.
We actually have been able to meet with him!
So that is SUPER exciting.
He hasn't been there for appointments.
But now he is!
And he has a date for April 26th.

We're working on getting her interested.
She says she is interested,
but she is busy. 
So we set up the time to come back,
specifically with her.
So she is more obligated to be there.
Hopefully she'll be following her
dad and brother's footsteps soon!

So this was my week!
Hopefully I can get pictures sent somehow.
This computer won't let me.
So I will figure it out somehow.

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. My new companion Sister Moser!
2. Sister Lords and I matched at bowling!
3. The group that bowled on our 2 lanes! Minus a couple that had to leave early:(
4. The usual zone leader picture. Elder Hansen and Black. I'll let you know when I meet a normal Elder.
5. Sister Entin!!:)
6. Stephen's baptism!
7. April Fools! We trapped Sister Lee in the closet.

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