Tuesday, April 29, 2014

28 April 2012

This week has been good!
So that's not new.
They're all good!
I hit 14 months this week.
I guess that's the exciting news this week.

Here's the update on our week:
She had surgery,
so meeting has been harder.
But we met with her and 
talked about her baptism.
She was supposed to work this week,
so her baptism Saturday wouldn't work.
But since she can't work.
We're hoping that we can have her baptism this week.
Pray for our dear Betty!!!

He fell off the face of the planet.
But we found him last week!
He came to church and
we're meeting with him this week.
We're excited to get him back on date
and progressing on the path again!

He fell through on us this week.
But we aren't giving up on him yet.
He's giving up the rest of his coffee and alcohol.
Pray for him as well.
His heart needs to be a little more softened.

We got 3 referrals this week!
A couple of them seem promising.
So we're really excited about them!

We had an AWESOME exchange.
I went with Sister Lords.
It was her birthday!
And tons of fun.
Our dinner appointment was
at the bottom of the ward.
And our next appointment was a the top.
We biked FAST.
Made it in 20 minutes.
We were super proud of that.
Although poor Sister Lords' shin was killing her.
She's been having a hard time since
she kept falling off her bike.
I shouldn't laugh at her pain.
But she falls a lot.
I can't help it.
We had a little celebration for her.
Chocolate Taco Bell tacos.
It was quite the party.

That's all for this week.
Have a fantastic week!
And I will SEE you in 13 days!

Love you!
Sister Hubmann

1. There's a Pal's here!

2. Sister Lords climbing trees like it was nobody's business.
3. Yay for exchanges!
5. Our new investigator's little sister drew us a picture!

Oh and things I forgot in the other email. Please put it with the rest of the email:)

We got a new investigator!
He's adorable.
9 years old.
It's a part member family.
He is getting baptized May 24th!

And our air conditioning broke again last week.
But luckily we caught it soon enough.
And got it fixed.
But it was one miserable night.
I couldn't sleep.
And you know how much I love sleep.
I was angry...
At one point I was laying on the floor.
Another time, my head was in the freezer.
I froze a washcloth.
It was a long night.
But it's fixed now!
Praises to the man who created the AC.

Love yall!
Sister Hubmann

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