Thursday, May 15, 2014

14 May 2014

Hey family!
This will probably be short.
Because not much has changed
since I talked to you Sunday.

I am in Paradise Valley
with Sister Isert now!
She's awesome.
I really like her.
She has a really cool background.
She lived in Russia for 9 years!
Her and Caleb could talk, I'm sure.
We cover Greenway Ward.
And also the Mid Single Adult Women for the stake.
It's going to be great!

Here are my updates from Coronado:

She is still eating up everything.
She loves the gospel.
And tells everyone she's Mormon.
It's really cute.
And she calls me her
"Lil Mother" in her LDS family!
She is so cute!
I can't wait for her to get baptized.
She has some things to work out.
But it'll all work out!

He said he wants to be baptized
at the end of the month!
So we're heading back to Coronado for that!
I am so excited!
He has a learning disability,
but he's coming along well!

He is getting baptized next week!
So we are excited for him.
He had the stomach bug this week.
Poor thing.
Hopefully he'll be well and ready to go
for Sister Moser and Holman to teach him!

He is doing well.
We taught him the 10 commandments.
He remembers everything so easily.
But has problems translating into English somewhat.
He says English is easy though.
He's got to be the only person I have met that has said that.
He goes back to Germany soon.
Where I know he'll join the church.

Oh and last...
Release date:
I will be headed home on my birthday!
Aka, August 4th!
So be ready for a party!:)

The Lords is so very aware of all of us.
I love it.
Sister Crandall always used to tell me
that the Lord's timing is perfect.
And I found a scripture to back it up today!
Doctrine & Covenants 64:32.
Everything happens in its own time.
And then v. 33.
Even if you feel like you are doing something small,
it turns into something big!

Have a fantastic week!
I love yall!
Sister Hubmann


1. Sister Moser!
2. Crappy picture. But here's Sister Isert!
3. Garcias!
4. Betty! She wrote me a thank you card!
5. DeSean!
6. The zone leaders! Elder DeBruin and Corbridge!
7. The zone!
8. We're pretty cool if you can't tell.
9. Sister Lords!
10. Us with our WML, Brother Monson and RC, Audrey Weaver.

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